Google Announces Trust Tokens To Block Third-Party Apps

Google Announces Trust Tokens

As per the surge of recent headlines, Google announces trust tokens, which will help in blocking any cookies of unwanted pop-ups caused by a third-party application. According to sources, Google is working on blocking any such third-party intrusions from the user’s web browsing experience. This had been brought into light earlier this year, but the tech giant is yet to bring this into fruition and till now, the speculated change was still in the development phase.

Google Announces Trust Tokens

However, the wait is finally over as Google announces trust tokens to block third party applications and cookies. Talking about the inherent differentiation between cookies and token is its nature of identification. From now on, the trust token formulated by Google will be able to authenticate users without identifying them. This helps in maintaining the user’s anonymity and they are left untraceable across websites. These tokens will allow websites to know that it is being accessed by an actual human and not otherwise.

Moreover, with Google bringing upon various efforts to improve the user experience; the “Why this Ad” is a new addition to the simulation. So now, if you do not like a particular Advertisement, you can decide its fate just by a single click. Furthermore, now Google allows you to see verified advertisements with the name of the advertiser. This will make it easy for you to understand as to which data has been targeted to show you a particular advertisement.

What’s more is that now, the tech giant is adding in the “Ads Transparency Spotlight” feature which will allow users to identify and acquire in-depth data about the advertisements that they come across. Apart from the basic analytics and CDNs; this feature will also show you the list of various services offered by the particular advertiser’s website.