AirPods Don’t Fit? [Here’s How You Can Fix This Issue]

AirPods Don’t Fit

If your AirPods don’t fit properly, it can be a real problem. Because AirPods are capable of delivering great sound, unbeatable convenience and moreover it comes with effortless pairing technique. But unfortunately, sometimes it might happen that the AirPods are poor-fitting, and it eventually causes discomfort or you might need to adjust it constantly for fitting, which might cause you even more irritation. And even the AirPods Pro, which comes with tight-fitting silicone tips, is not completely immune to avoid this issue.

Methods To Fix The “AirPods Don’t Fit” Issue

That’s why we have come up with some easy ways to deal with the situation if your AirPods don’t fit. Go through the article thoroughly, and you will get several ideas that can actually save you while facing this problem.

Method 1: Perform a Fit Test

If you own a set of AirPods Pro which comes with removable silicone tips and are supposed to fit inside your ears, you can take a fit test using a compatible device. You can conduct this test with your iPhone or iPad to check how well the AirPods are fitting in. One thing you need to note here is that this test cannot be conducted on standard, all-plastic AirPods or AirPods 2 models.

To perform this test, follow the instructions:

  • First, put the AirPods Pro in your ear and pair it with your iPhone or iPad.
  • Go to Settings > Bluetooth > Tap on the ‘i‘ next to the AirPods Pro.
Tap On The I Option
  • Now, tap on Test Ear Tip Fit.

Doing this part will start the test.

  • Press Continue and then press the Play button. Doing so will start playing some music at moderate volume for some time. After that, you will receive the results of your test.

In the results, if it says ‘Good Seal‘, it means that you are using an AirPods Pro with the correct size. But if the results say otherwise, you will have to adjust the size of the ear tips. To do so, use the spares from Apple that comes with the box itself.

Check If It Saying Good Seal

Method 2: Try Hooks to Stop AirPods Falling Out

It might happen that your AirPods are falling out of your ears during physical activity. Neither of the standard AirPods and AirPods Pro is immune to this issue. A brisk walk or other movements might cause the AirPods to get misplaced. If this is the case, then you might try using hooks to prevent this. Hooks will keep the AirPods secured in their place even if you move.

Most of these hooks are made of silicon or some similar material, which provides a tight yet flexible grip. You need to choose a good fit between the ‘In-ear hooks’ and ‘Over-ear hooks’.

In case of ‘In-ear hooks’, you might wanna get something like EarBuddyz 2.0 ear hooks if you own standard AirPods. But AirPods Pro users can opt for AhaStyle AirPods Pro ear hooks.

In case of ‘Over-ear hooks’, you can go for a TPU slip-on for both the standard and the Pro ones.

But the only negative thing about the ear hooks is that you need to detach these from your AirPods every time you put them into the charging case.

Amazon links for some of the best ear hooks are being attached here, do check them out and find a good one for yourself.

EarBuddyz 2.0 Ear Hooks (In-ear hooks)

AhaStyle 3 Ear Hooks (In-ear hooks)

Elago Ear Hooks (Over-ear hooks)

Method 3: Try AirPods Leash

It might happen that you couldn’t get along well with the ear hooks for AirPods. The reason can be discomfort while wearing it, inconveniences while removing and reattaching the hooks before and after putting the AirPods in the charging case, or something else.

But you also don’t want to continue with the inconveniences caused just because your AirPods don’t fit properly.

This is where the AirPods Leash comes into your support. These leashes are widely available on Amazon, other websites, or stores. And these leashes are capable to fit both standard AirPods and the AirPods Pro.

A link for this kind of product is mentioned below.

Magnetic Leash for AirPods

Method 4: Try Memory Foam Ear Tips

You can also try to shift to Memory Foam Ear Tips. Usually, the AirPods come with removable silicone tips, which are available in three different sizes. These tips are provided with each pair of the AirPods and these are quite easy to use as it has clip on-and-off. This feature makes the tips easier to change and these are more secure compared to the other similar silicone designs.

But Memory Foam Ear Tips are even better. For high-end options, you might go to the Foam Masters or COMPLY. Whereas for a cheaper option, you might try brands like Lanwow.

But yes, if you change your ear tips, make sure that you perform the Fit Test. This will make sure that you are getting the best sound quality and volume.

Some of these products are being attached below.

Foam Masters

COMPLY Foam Ear Tips

Lanwow Premium Memory Foam Ear Tips

Method 5: Consider Another Model or Another Brand

If you are still not able to find a good option to suit you even after trying all the ways to deal with the issue, there is only one option left for you.

Try shifting to another model of AirPods or go for another brand, just the way you do when you cannot find a good shoe that fits you.

But if you want to stick to the Apple products only, you might check out the Powerbeats Pro. This product uses the same H1 chip that AirPods do. It includes a built-in ear clip for your exercise. But you don’t need to detach the clip because the whole earbud can fit nicely inside the charging case, even when the clip is attached to it.

Powerbeats Pro


These are some options from which you can choose when your AirPods don’t fit properly. All the possible fixes have been mentioned here in this article along with the links to some products that you might consider purchasing.

Now it’s your turn to go for the most suitable option. Hope this article helps you to find one. We also wrote an article on how to fix the AirPods not connecting to Mac issue. If you are looking for the same, read the article thoroughly.

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