Android-Bricking Wallpaper Was Not Intentional [Know-Why]

Android-Bricking Wallpaper

We are very intrigued about our smartphone wallpapers and we keep on exploring attractive and unique pictures. But there is some chance that you heard about Android-bricking wallpaper that has been bricking Android phones.

People besides their work and profession inculcate new skills like photography; and if you love to travel and capture the moments which help us to get out of this gloomy world.

Gaurav Agrawal, A young scientist who went for a trip to the glacier National park in Montana; just tried to capture some scenetic scenes with his amazing photography skills which got viral in no time with a good massive response.

Consequences of sharing his photo

He shared the mesmerizing picture of Sunset between the mountains on his Flickr-profile; which is extremely soothing and perfect for your smartphone wallpaper. The picture attracts the mind of the users immediately.

But suddenly this picture turns the table from being a beautiful picture to an Android-Bricking wallpaper (Android phones go in a boot loop after using the picture as their wallpaper) and the statistics of people reporting the picture started increasing.

But in an interview Gaurav said, “I hoped my photography would have gone ‘viral’ for a good reason, but maybe that’s for another time.”

Reason behind Android-bricking wallpaper

Some Redditors propagated that, Android-bricking was taking place because of the color of the image. And the wallpaper affected those devices that are running Android 10 or below.

The report says that the photographer remained unaffected because he is an iPhone user. But the world is a place of mixed classes, not everyone can afford an iPhone. The photographers should process their pictures and make sure that “the pictures should go viral but yes for a good reason”.

Gaurav Agrawal also stated that “I have an iPhone and my wallpaper is always a photo of my wife”.