Apple Watch Ultra Launched With New Design & Bigger Display

Apple Watch Ultra

On the 7th of September 2022, Apple launched yet another one of its masterpieces in its ‘Far Out’ event introducing Apple Watch Ultra. What started off as a venture to create user-friendly computers has now drastically evolved into a technological multinational corporation, producing a wide range of products. From iPod to smartwatches, Apple has got you covered. The ongoing journey of technology, which began decades ago has now reached yet another milestone: Apple Watch Ultra.

What Is The Apple Watch Ultra?

As the name may suggest, this won’t just be anything. It’s the latest addition to Apple’s smartwatch family, and so Apple could not have done this without creating something magnificent. But, what’s the catch? And how many are there?

If you watched the event, you would have spotted Scott Jurek, an ultramarathoner, in the presentation, telling us that the Apple Watch Ultra is designed specifically for action sports. Outdoor activities help pump not only adrenaline but also your desire to explore the unknown. Mountaineering and Street luging are just some prevailing examples.

Apple Watch, But Why Ultra?

The ‘U’ in Ultra stands for Apple’s ultimate outcome of gathering innumerable technologies within a 49mm titanium case. Other attributes include a sapphire crystal in the front, waypoint compass view (analog & digital), crack and corrosion resistant, dust and swim-proof, battery life of 60 hours on low power mode, communication using satellites, backtrack, 2 times brighter display than previous smartwatches, all new orange action button, 3 integrated microphones to help intensify sound quality during harsh weather, noise-reduction, states latitude, longitude, and elevation, temperature reading, a GPS siren and path preventing you from getting lost.

Stop for a second and think, these are merely features within a rectangle. Over 25+ features are available, waiting for you to explore them. You must be thinking ‘Woah’, but this is where the second catch is hidden. It has 3 different types of straps available, highly experienced athletes have a trailing band, pioneers have an alpine band, and water enthusiasts have an ocean band. Each is suitable to withstand strenuous runs, intense falls, and riptides.

This all-new compact and versatile Apple Watch Ultra will cost you a whopping $799. Certainly, Apple is going to accept gratitude from its family only in cash form, due to the immense hard work, talent, and proficiency they’ve put into this gadget. Selling around 40 million watches per year, this seems like it’s only the beginning. Apple has opened the door of disruptive technologies and we are all immersed in it. Everything’s literally a click away.

The watch has just been released, and soon there will be people lined up to get their hands on this brand-new gadget. If you were to choose your favorite extreme sport and band, which one would you choose, and why, tell us in the comment section.