5 Best 120mm Fan Filters That You Should Consider

Best 120mm Fan Filters

Are you the one struggling with over-heating? Does your computer’s fan sound loud? Is your computer piled up with layers of dust? Are you frustrated, cleaning delicate parts of your PC now and then? Nevermind, you are not the one facing the problem. Many among us face the same problem on the day to day basis. But after going through this brief, you will not be facing the same issue.

We have got some of the best 120mm fan filters for you. Those fan filters will solve all of your problems. Fan filters don’t even need some additional efforts to be fixed. It will come over your computer’s fan. They don’t need any assistance once they are set; they will work for decades. And They will block all the external parties to enter and damage the physical parts of your PC.

We have not only brought up some of the tested best 120mm fan filters for you, but we have also assisted with clearing some of the queries you might have, go through it.

Why do you need 120mm fan filters?

The main benefit of it is that it does not allow any dust to get into your system. And this keeps your set-up neat and clean. It also plays a vital role in lowering the chances of over-heating your computer.

Best 120mm Fan Filters

We have figured out some of the best options. We have considered that it does not restrict the airflow. Because lower airflow can also result in overheating of the system, and this might even lead to damage in internal parts.

These are some of the best 120mm fan filters you can find around in the market. You can rely on our list, expecting the best results.

1. Eluteng 120mm fan filter (Recommended)

Eluteng 120mm fan filter

Eluteng fan filters are facilitated with some of the best technology for compromising with the airflow. They come with ABS ventilator grills which assists your computer with some the best airflow. And even airflow is the most crucial thing if you use your PC heavy duty. Chances being you are the gamer or a crypto-miner then you realize its importance the most.

Eluteng comes with an IP40 anti-dust blower which warrants eighty-nine percentage of keeping it clean. These results in lower maintenance of the fan filter and that concludes the longer life of the fan filter. But it gives assurance of cleaning it as many times as you want. Eluteng fan filters fit with chassis fans of basic computers, speakers, and some more options for electric items. And the filter has also resulted in being resin proof. So, we can indeed mention the filters are also heatproof. And these are even soundproof to an extend. This blocks the voices of fan and computer, delivering a peaceful environment to you.

It provides 12cm of net covering over the fan. It keeps the dust out of reach and even keeps fans safely. Filters are effortless to set up. All you will need is a screwdriver.

2. Silverstone Technology 120mm Fan Filter

Silverstone Technology 120mm Fan Filter

Silverstone provides higher rigidity fan filters. Or we can define it as heavy-duty usage fan filters as these are formed from nylon which makes it persistent. The nylon material is assisted with the reflective pattern which makes it an exceptional filter. The pattern gives it more enhanced efficiency to catch up with the dirt.

The kit is delivered to you with thirteen magnetic strips. With the help of those strips, you can hold up the fan filters wherever you find it relevant to cool down your units. You can also make use of screws to set it up at exact places. So, this sums up that setting up these filters is evenly effortless.

The filter is comparatively thinner than others with makes it more reliable in placing it up. With the help of only four screws, you can fit it over the case of a fan without any extra energy involved. It mainly blocks all the dust going into it and allows the least voice to leak outside. Monthly cleaning will help your system with excellent speed as there are lest chances of dust going in and clogging off.

Over the nylon fabric, you will be provided with the honeycomb grill. Grills mainly function in two ways. First, it directly blocks of big chunks of unwanted particles hitting the fabric. Second, it will save nylon fabric dealing with damage.

3. Aiyide 120mm Fan Filter (Recommended)

Aiyide 120mm Fan Filter

Aiyide filter’s material seems close enough as of strainers. But as the strainers result in evenly, the filter is also immensely efficient in keeping the dust away. It comes up with 4.72 inches of strainers. These can keep your system more effectively clean than ever. Those filters can even block the noise of the chassis fan to an extend.

You don’t even need to fix it over something. You don’t require a single screw for fixing it over. It comes with a magnetic strip over the borders which holds up with the fan, and nothing more is needed to fix it. The kit comes up with a PVC case to filter the dust.

It is equally efficient in allowing cold air passing into the system which avoids overheating. The filter can be cleaned but need to be assisted with care as it is a bit delicate. There is no extra trouble required to detach it while cleaning. Because of the magnetic structure, you have to pull it over and when done, keep it over again.

It has the reliability of sizing it according to your requirement. The filter is suitable for any usage you want upon any electric appliance. Still, the thing to keep in mind is that you need a metal base to fix it as it has a magnetic structure.

4. eBoot 120mm Fan Filter

eBoot 120mm Fan Filter

The eboot filters come up with a lot of forty screws and ten meshes. The leading utility of these filters is to block all the dirt arriving in the system. These filters keep your computer system as clean as possible. eBoot is one of the best fan filters which fix over your fan avoiding all the dust. These meshes are made lightweight.

You might think forty screws are very time consuming and energy appealing. But there is nothing like it. Those filters are very easy to assemble, and there is even no extra weight of filters. As these filters don’t allow any dust to proceed in, it makes your computer more silent and noise-free. The meshes are cleanable so you can clean it whenever you feel the need to clean it and again place it to the respective position.

Meshes are delicate in look, but actually, they are more durable to handle, and no damage can easily be prone over the meshes. These filters too include PVC material to make it long-lasting. And if you are the person who is clumsy enough to handle things and makes damages eventually then this is the best pick for you.

5. IMSurQltyPrise 120mm Fan Filter

IMSurQltyPrise 120mm Fan Filter

Last but not least, in our list of the best 120mm fan filters. IMSurQltyPrise filters also come along the PVC netting to make it more sturdy. But these filters come with the most delicate PVC netting amongst all. But still, it can be a companion along in most heavy-duty usages. This kit comprises of ten meshes and forty screws.

The meshes of thin PVC material, but still they are highly durable to use. Filters have a good fitting. It can also be cleaned and rinsed as many times as you want. Even these are easy to pull off and keep it back at their respected places, no extra efforts involved.

It is highly recommendable if your prime aim is to keep your system clean and if you do not have heavy usage. But still, it is also after having a small pattern effective in airflow. It does not allow any overheating to occur, which ensures the long life of both the fan filter and the delicates of your computer and it also blocks the noise of the system. It makes the environment pleasant to concentrate on your work, or if you are a gaming guy, it does not interrupt by causing any lags.

How to shop best 120mm fan filters?

If you are actively looking for one of the best fan filters to pick here, you can find out that how can you choose one of the best 120mm fan filters. All you need is an elementary knowledge of how can you choose a fan filter over others. Only some of the attributes you have to keep in mind are:


The first and the most important thing you have to keep in mind is your budget. Considering budget shortlist a considerable number of best 120mm of fan filters for you. This directly wave-off many of the unwanted options present in your findings. But you also have to keep in mind the budget also determines the quality of the product many times. So, the preferable budget for getting any product should not be too low or too high.


It would help if you considered that the fan filters you are shortlisting are dustproof because dust can even clog off your filters. This will damage your fan filters very quickly. And it can also be the root problem of the overheating of your computer system. And due to those listed problems, the delicate parts can stop functioning. So, for avoiding all these losses, you should choose a dustproof fan filter.


You should never commit a cheaper material. That will cause you to burn more money as the more inexpensive materials never long last. There will be a replacement coming from your side in the least time. Duplicate materials are preferred to be most avoidable. So, always go for a reasonable one. And as being a responsible human, you should look out that the material does not cause any environmental damages.


Meshes are also advisable to have a look at. Meshes are ultimately the most crucial part of any fan filter. It would be best if you looked over the pattern of mesh that it has enough size of holes that it is efficient in blocking the unwanted dust particles. And also able to equalize the airflow to avoid overheating. Proper airflow results in inadequate cooling, which results in the continuation of your system working for long.

Easy set-up

You must consider that the fan filters do not have a long process in fitting and detaching it. The filters with many steps to take over will appeal in larger chances of it getting damaged. You will also require separating it many times for cleaning purposes so the effortless placements will not get you bored and will do it more often.

Noise Cancellation

This is also one of the essential things you must keep throughout you are buying or looking for a fan filter. If your filters are not enough qualified in altering the voice of the fan you will sometimes find it irritating during prolonged usage of your system. And if you have a silent atmosphere around it will ultimately make you more productive. The calm atmosphere around will make your mind feel pleasure to work with an extended sit.

Those were some of the best 120mm fan filters we figured out for you after some lengthy research and testings. You can directly look over that list and try to pick the best option for you.

But if not, we have also mentioned some of the aspects you must consider while you are shopping or looking for the best fan filters. Must keep in mind that it not only keeps the dust away, but it should also be able to save your computer cool with an adequate amount of airflow. Because overheating also invites some significant problems to the computer. And those fan filters should also be washable so that it does not clog and you can benefit from it for a long.

These were all, I hope all your doubts are cleared, and you would have got the best pick for your computer.