Gmail Go App Is Now Available To Download For All Android Phones

Gmail Go App

Google is now opening up access to a light version of the correspondence app called Gmail Go, for all Android users. This application was originally only intended for Android phones with low power and capacity so as not to take up a lot of space.

Details about Gmail Go

The appearance of the Gmail Go application is not much different from regular Gmail. Users can still swipe left and right on the email to see a number of functions.

The difference is that Gmail Go doesn’t integrate with Meet like the regular version. Google has recently integrated Meet with Gmail because of which users can directly access the video conferencing platform by tapping the Meet icon at the very bottom of the mailbox.

Google began introducing the Go version of its app to suit the lighter version of the Android operating system. The presence of the Go version of the application is intended to present its services to the smartphones that are more affordable and are with lower specifications.

Most of these smartphones are marketed in emerging markets where mobile data locations are offered at a high price. In addition, the Gmail Go version of the application is also aimed at devices with low-capacity RAM support as a compromise with a low selling price.

However, devices with more powerful specs support can also take advantage of the Gmail Go app to enjoy a lower track record and data consumption; if users don’t need more extensive functionality.

Accordingly, Google started removing the artificial restrictions that allowed Android-based phones to download a number of these Go version apps. It is the newest application that is open for all device versions.

The interface design on the Gmail Go app is also more basic; and less attractive than the regular version of Gmail. This is not surprising given that the app is optimized for affordable devices with standard screens.

Final Words

Gmail Go is not recommended for users who need a more powerful application; but it is a good way to save memory and data if you only need to read an occasional email.

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