5 Best AirTag Alternatives For Android [Updated List]

Best AirTag Alternatives For Android

In this article we have discussed some best AirTag alternatives for Android, let’s have a quick look at them.

AirTag is a device that Apple launched for iPhone users to track their belongings through a map. This is a handy device to locate your everyday objects like your keys, bag, or wallet.

If you are an Android user but influenced by this device and want to know more options to locate your belongings then there are many other options available to track your valuable objects. These are the Bluetooth-enabled devices that update with the location of the objects by an app.

List Of Best AirTag Alternatives For Android

Below are the best AirTag alternatives for Android.

1. Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is the best choice for Android users with Samsung Galaxy smartphones. If you don’t have a Samsung device, this is not the one for you because Galaxy SmartTags isn’t compatible with other Android devices. Samsung Galaxy SmartTag offers quite similar functionality as AirTags.

If you are impressed with the AirTags and own a Samsung Galaxy device then the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is the best AirTag alternative for Android. Galaxy SmartTags works with Bluetooth technology for tracking the belongings that are attached to it. It has up to 120m Bluetooth range while Apple AirTags has only a 100m Bluetooth range.

Use Galaxy “find a network” in your galaxy device if the tagged item is out of the Bluetooth range. These are a few benefits of Samsung Galaxy SmartTags but there is one limitation that you can only use it with Galaxy devices.

2. Chipolo One

Chipolo One

If we talk about Chipolo trackers then we can definitely suggest the Chipolo one trackers because these trackers are valuable among all brands, both cost-wise and technology-wise. Using the Chipolo One tracker, you are not going to leave or lose your important things anywhere because of its timely alerts even when you are out of the range.

Chipolo One tracker’s alarm has a loud sound that helps you to easily hear and find your objects. Another best part is that the battery of this tracker is a two-year user-replaceable CR2032 battery.

This comes in six different colors, so you have many color options in the Chipolo One Bluetooth tracker, and with the benefit of choosing the color, you also get a slim yet lightweight design.

These all features in the Chipolo One design give it a funky sleek look. This is also a water-resistant tracker but lesser than AirTag. There are many more features of the Chipolo One tracker that makes it the best AirTag alternative for Android.

3. Cube Pro

Cube Pro

Cube Pro tracker is also the best AirTag alternative for Android because of its functionality and many other benefits. The main impressive feature of the Cube Pro is the selfie remote, which means you can take your selfies hands-free without shaking them. This is a two-way tracker which allows you to track your phone too. Its tracking Bluetooth range is up to 200 ft, which is less as compared to the AirTag.

Cube Pro also comes with a one-year user-replaceable CR2025 battery. Thanks to its battery, you don’t have to charge your tracker many times a day. Another benefit of this, it is waterproof like the Chipolo One tracker. So, don’t worry about any water damage.

Cube Pro works with the Cube Tracker app, which supports both iOS and Android. If you have lost your tagged item then just check the app and it will show you the last known location on the map and alert you with the separation alarm. These all features put this tracker on the list of best AirTag alternatives for Android.

4. Tile Pro

Tile Pro

In the world of Bluetooth trackers, Tile has one of the best trackers. Tile offers various models such as the Tile Pro, Mate, and Slim. For best AirTag alternatives for Android, we have considered only two models of Tile which are Tile Pro and Tile Mate. The reason behind keeping Tile Pro above the Tile Mate is its 400 ft range and louder alarm alert. Some other Bluetooth trackers are unable to reach this range.

The longest range increases the chances to find tagged items easily. If we talk about the design then this tracker has a quite solid and lightweight design. You will get the water-resistant feature, one year guaranteed battery life, and access to replace the battery in the Tile Pro.

Tile Pro is a bit costlier than other Bluetooth trackers, so maybe this is not for all. Also, you have to pay for the premium subscription in Tile that gives most of the features like location history, smart alerts, extended warranty, text support, and more.

5. Tile Mate

Tile Mate

Tile is one of the best companies when we think about Bluetooth trackers. Tile offers many good models, we already mentioned Tile Pro and it has another popular model which is Tile Mate. This version is the best choice if you are looking for the cheaper yet best AirTag alternative for Android.

For connecting to your device, Tile Mate uses Bluetooth low energy (BLE) like AirTag. You will get the maximum range of 250 ft which is lesser as compared to the Tile Pro or other trackers but it is still good and enough for most of the situations. Even if you are not in range, the Tile app helps you to locate the tracker. The battery of the Tile Mate is easily replaceable and did not cost that much.

Does AirTag have GPS?

No, AirTag doesn’t have GPS.

How far can AirTag be tracked?

AirTag can be tracked 15 feet away to inches while using the Ultra-Wideband frequency.

Are AirTags waterproof?

AirTags features IP67 water and dust resistance. They are not fully waterproof.