5 Best Android Launchers For Privacy [Best Picks]

Best Android Launchers For Privacy

Here’s a list of the best Android launchers for Privacy.

How would you feel if you own a phone and the Android launcher is somehow not according to your choice? For a while, you must be thinking that this is not the thing you want to happen. Well, for that there is a solution. Before going into that part, let us get a brief introduction to Android launchers.

Android launchers are like your personal assistant. You will be able to customize your phone’s home screen in your own way. This can be done without devoting much effort. Yes, you read that right! All you need is an app that would allow you to replace your home screen. In simple words, it will modify the features of your software and the operating system, but not permanently.

List Of Best Android Launchers For Privacy

Below are the best Android launchers for privacy.

1. Slim Launcher

Slim Launcher

Are you the one who loves a minimalist life? Then you would be loving this Android launcher. It makes you use fewer apps than you would have used when your phone was having its usual operating system. It must make your life easier than it was! You do not have access to wallpapers here, all that you would get is color-based themes.

It allows you to use five apps only. Additionally, you would not get any icons on the home screen. Honestly, this is one of the best Android launchers for privacy.


2. Last Launcher

Last Launcher

This is one of the simplest and fastest Android launchers for privacy. It is totally customizable and does not take up much space of your phone memory. The feature that might seem to be a disadvantage for some is that this app does not support the usage of icons for apps.

But you have the option to customize colors to set for the app names. Most importantly, you can hide apps using the Last launcher.


3. BaldPhone


It is good to see that finally, someone has looked upon elderly people! But how? Definitely by creating BaldPhone which is one of the best Android launchers for privacy, specifically to be used by old people. Old people might be excited to use Android phones, but the user interface makes it hard to do so. Hence, we have BaldPhone.

This makes the usage of Android phones much easier and user-friendly for them. If they struggle daily while typing, you have a special BaldPhone keyboard. And, guess what? This app is available totally for free and does not have ads too. Good to see that such apps are still developed and launched!


4. KISS Launcher

KISS Launcher

How about a launcher that adjusts according to how you use it? We have that too on our list. KISS launcher is such an Android launcher that adapts your way of usage. It saves those data properly and does not occupy too much space.

Using this Android launcher, you would be saving battery life for sure and have the capability to speed up the device. People who have used this launcher once, have usually kept on using it for a longer period of time, and that is what the statistics say.


5. Light Android Launcher

Light Android Launcher

In case that you have used Slim Launcher, you would find this Light Android Launcher similar to it. But, this app does not stick to using five apps only – it does not have such restrictions. Since you can use any number of apps, you have the privilege to find apps by searching for its name as well.

Unlike Slim Launcher, you can use wallpapers in Light Android Launcher but does not support the usage of too many colors. If you are someone who has gone through a digital detox, you might find this useful for its minimalistic nature.



Remember to download Android launchers that are trusted. Usually, the ones available on Google Play Store are safe enough to look at your data privacy. But, the list of the best Android launchers for privacy that have been mentioned here might not ensure your data privacy.

So, launch these only if you find them trusted! Just for your information, Slim Launcher, KISS Launcher, and BaldPhone are available on Google Play Store.

Which is the most secure Android launcher?

Nova Launcher is the most secure Android launcher.

Which launcher is best for hiding apps?

Evie Launcher is best for hiding apps.

Which is the fastest launcher for Android?

BlackBerry Launcher is the fastest launcher for Android.