16 Best Apps For Online Teaching Classes [Top Picks]

Best Apps For Online Teaching Classes

In today’s age of the digital world, there are all types of Apps available no matter what type of work or profession you are in; there will be an app for you to make your work easier.

For example, teaching, every teacher has their methodology of teaching, but in the absence of the classroom, handing over physical assignments might become tricky. But fortunately, there is a solution if you browse through the internet or play store on your device; you will get some of the best Apps for online teaching through which you will be able to communicate with your students and their parents.

In this article, you’ll learn about these best Apps for online teaching, giving you an insight that how a physical classroom has changed into a digital classroom that can be accessed from anywhere on the planet.

List of Best Apps For Online Teaching

1. Google Classroom

Google is a part of everything and the most easily accessible application in the app world. They provide some of the best services to the teachers so that they can be organized and track the progress of their lesson plans, without any limitation of the students attending their course or the courses being taught. It is one of the best platforms for teaching.

2. Instructables

This app allows the teachers to plan thousands of DIY projects that they can include in their lesson plans. It also plans and covers all types of topics, which in turn helps the teacher to reduce the time in planning their lessons significantly and provides the required data also.

3. Evernote

This app is used mostly by everyone, including the teachers. This note-keeping app lets the app users organize their notes and take screenshots and documents into their designated folder. There are many tools available in the app to customize the notes and organize them as per the requirement.

4. Educreations

This app allows both students and teachers to create videos as a part of the assignments. If knowledge is difficult to impart through dialogue or diagrams, videos can help the students grasp and visualize the material with audio.

5. Socrative

This app is an incredible tool for communicating with students and to access their progress. The interaction happens directly with the students. The app provides the required tips based on the student’s progress, which applies to the individual student based on their capability and learning style.

6. Edmodo

This app productively provides feedback to the students and has been designed with keeping in mind the online teachers. The app helps in organizing the lessons so that students can learn digitally.

Teachers can assign work and keep track of the progress along with one to one communication with the individual student. This app also allows the teacher to communicate with the parents/guardians and to discuss the student assessment in an easy way making this one of the best Apps for online teaching.

7. Kahoot

This app allows us to turn the lessons or topics into an interactive game for the students. It is particularly helpful for students who face difficulty in understanding certain lessons or assignments. The students learn the lesson while completing the game, which is a great help for the teachers who are struggling to make the lessons relatable to the students.

8. Seesaw

This app allows the student to show off their best work to their parents/guardians. It motivates students with positive reinforcement and builds pride in the students for learning. Even the parents can track their child’s progress with the help of this app and know whether the teacher is performing a good job or not.

9. Slack

Texting is a common tool in everybody’s life, and this app has utilized it productively. It is a team communication tool, which in the teaching online world can be used to communicate between teacher-to-teacher, teacher-to-student, and even student-to-student messaging by creating group forums as well as allowing one to one chat. It allows us to add & remove the students as and when they come and go.

10. Doceri

Even though this a paid app that costs $5, but it’s worth it. It allows the teacher to create a virtual whiteboard during the lessons, draw and outline tough equations or phrases, and record it on the web, which can be later utilized again next time. This app allows the teacher to hone their skill to deliver a perfect lesson and ensuring that the presentation is saved.

11. TeacherKit

This app allows the teacher to track attendance, grades, and other factors that are integrated part of the teaching organization. It allows the teacher to customize lists and update them as they utilize it, kind of note-keeping, which has been specifically designed keeping teachers in mind.

12. Fedena with Zoom and Big Blue integration

This app allows the teacher to conduct hassle-free online classes for the students. It has features like screen-sharing, video recording, a whiteboard for presenters, and many more, making it an idle to take an offline course online. The teacher can set up a classroom across the batches with just a click, and the students can view the recorded lecture.

13. Google Hangout

This app is freely available to the users and is one of the best Apps for online teaching that is available for the teachers. It allows them to conduct video conferencing at the same time, recording it on YouTube. Teachers are able to talk with the students via video even during their working hours using Google Hangout on their smartphone.

14. Audioboom

This app allows the ease of communication with the students with the help of three-minute podcasts that once can record using this app. The podcast then can be shared on other online platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

15. Tether

This app allows the user to connect one computer with the help of a smartphone without any additional data plans or Wi-Fi hotspots. It is one of the best apps that can be utilized for teaching purposes online, particularly when the teachers are traveling and want to remain connected with the students.

16. Zoom

This app allows to synchronous class sessions, which allows the student and teacher to log in to a web conferencing system at a pre-scheduled time. It allows us to create a foster community for engagement in a fully online course. This app provides the option of webinar and meetings which allows interacting with the students.

The above article highlights some of the best Apps for online teaching, which will help you in initiating your teaching journey in the online world.

Which application is best for online teaching?

The best application for online teaching is Google Classroom.

Is Skype good for online teaching?

Yes, Skype is good for online teaching and its easy to use.

Can I do online classes on my phone?

Yes, you can have online classes on your phone. You just need to download the application like Google Classroom, Zoom, Skype etc.

What are the things required for online teaching?

The things required for online teaching are:
1. Desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
2. Headphones
3. Mouse and keyboard Webcam
4. A stable internet connection

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