5 Best Apps To Hide Text Messages On Android [Selected]

Best Apps To Hide Text Messages

We live in an era where many of our communications take place via messaging applications. Most of us use popular messaging apps to communicate on our Android devices. Well, SMS isn’t dead yet, as our SMS inbox contains a lot of sensitive information, such as notifications of transactions, important reminders, and so on. A lot of this material isn’t the sort you’d want to share with anyone or have them look at.

As a result, you’ll need something to secure your messages. That’s when an app locker or text message hider app can help. The applications described below will ensure that your privacy is protected and no sensitive information is obtained through your messages. These applications will ensure that the next time you lend your phone to someone, you don’t have to worry about any data breach.

List Of Best Apps To Hide Text Messages

If you’re usually concerned about someone reading your private messages, here are the best apps to hide text messages.

1. Message Locker –  SMS Lock

Message Locker

Message Locker – SMS Lock is not an app that would conceal your messages, but rather an app locker that could simply lock your default messaging app as well as other apps. You will be required to create a PIN-based password, which can subsequently be changed to a pattern. The app’s main page displays a list of applications that the app believes you might want to lock.

You can also add more applications to the list by hitting the addition “+” symbol in the bottom right corner of the screen. Simply press on the lock icon to lock one app, and do the same to unlock any other app. When you try to launch any of the restricted applications, you will be prompted to enter the PIN/Pattern that you previously set.


2. Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos


As the name suggests, Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos is a vault that can hide your messages, photographs, videos, and other things. It is both a Vault and an SMS hider, so you get the perfect blend. It can perform all the functions of a vault as it conceals your private messages and contacts from your system.

Like other message hiders, you can add contacts into the app, which will then be designated as private. These contacts will no longer display in your phonebook, and their messages will no longer appear in your default messaging app. This software requires a PIN-based password to access.


3. GO SMS Pro


GO SMS Pro is one of the most popular texting apps in the Google Play Store. It has taken customization to a level with the latest 7.0 version and entirely redesigned its layout, giving users a renewed experience of the user interface. GO SMS Pro is an all-purpose messaging app. Consider it if you’re dissatisfied with the standard messenger and want something that looks nice while protecting your privacy.

This app is not only colorful and glittery, but it is also a great message hider. This software will also offer you to create a PIN-based lock for your private box. You can add contacts to this private box, and any future interactions with these contacts will be segregated from all of the other communications. You can also hide the private box icon from the applications list so that no one notices you’re attempting to conceal something.


4. Private SMS & Call – Hide Text

Private SMS And Call

Private SMS & Call – Hide Text works by establishing a safe zone for you, which refers to private space. This software will prompt you to set up a PIN-based lock, that will be used to access the app in the future. If you want you can hide the application from the app drawer when configuring it. Once everything is up and running, import contacts into the app. These contacts will be designated as private, and you can even hide them from your system address book. Messages sent or received from these people will not display in your messages and will be replaced by a fake message.

As an added bonus, you can hide call logs and prevent calls from specific contacts during inconvenient times. When new messages come, you will be notified via a fake message or a personalized ringtone of your choice. To others, it will appear to be a random notice, and only you will know what notification it is.


5. Calculator Lock

Calculator Lock

The Calculator Lock is the ideal cover for a message hiding app. It looks and functions just like a calculator and will elicit no suspicion from others because it seems to them as a normal calculator application. You have to dial a number in the calculator and it will send you to the app’s main screen, where you can add the contacts you want to keep secret.

All messages and call records associated with these contacts will get concealed from your phone’s system and shown here instead. The user interface isn’t very attractive, but the fact that it seems to be a calculator, it has an extra point and a spot on our list.



So, these are the best apps to hide text messages on your Android device. You have the option of using a message concealing app, which will wipe all traces of your private messages, contacts, or an app locker.

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos stands out in our opinion as it functions like both an app locker and a message hider, but ultimately the decision is yours. You will not be disappointed, no matter whatever app you use. So, before someone chooses to invade your privacy, use one of them.

What is the full form of SMS?

The full form of SMS is Short Message Service.

Which is the best app to hide text messages?

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos is the best app to hide text messages.

What is the full form of MMS?

The full form of MMS is Multimedia Messaging Service.