10 Best Material Design Apps For Android [Best Picks]

Best Material Design Apps For Android

Today, we will talk about some best material design apps for Android. The material design of Android is pretty much flashy, catchy, and functional. And with these apps, you can get the most of it.

Nowadays material design is everywhere and every other day new material design apps are getting launched. The apps we have listed are well recognized by Google. It can’t be claimed that these apps are the best for this use, but you can definitely get the most of the job done efficiently.

List Of Best Material Design Apps For Android

We have shortlisted the best material design apps for Android. A brief introduction to them is also provided here, so you get a clear idea about the apps.

1. Textra SMS

Textra SMS

Nowadays many apps have material designing, but till now no app could make it to the level of Textra. You get the basic features like floating action buttons or the pull-out menu for most of the functions. Its customizable feature makes it stand out from its category.

You can customize the theme, color, and total outlook. You can even change the app icon according to your choice. A material design button, customizable themes, and many more things you will get all in one place.

Price: Free / $3.99


2. Newton Mail

Newton Mail

In terms of design, this is probably the best E-mail app. It comes in various colors and you get a lot of material design elements and themes. The main interface of this app is pretty simple and helps you to open a ton of emails without getting confused or overwhelmed.

Your E-mail accounts stay within the slide-out menu and you can do your job with the floating action button. You can switch E-mail accounts if needed for increased functionality, yet it doesn’t feel overblown or confusing. The price might be a bit expensive but when compared to what it is serving, it’s quite worth it.

Price: Free / $49.99 per year


3. Houzz Interior Design Ideas

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

This app has won an award from Google. So, you can guess the quality of service you will get from this app. It is basically a home design app and a pro in its field. It has a unique collection of decor and design ideas. The designs come with detailed information so you get a clear idea. The collection is so huge that you might feel like you are using Pinterest.

Price: Free


4. Robinhood


It’s another top pick from the best material design apps for Android. This app is also an award-winning app from Google. The main function of this app is stock trading. This app lets you view the lists of stock prices in real-time. You can also make a wish list for the stocks you are interested in.

You can trade stocks for free in real-time as well. Obviously, there are some ups and downs in the market prices, especially after the big GameStop debacle of early 2021. But this app is mostly preferred because of its easy controls, simple interface, function, fluid UI, etc.

Price: Free


5. LocalCast


It is an excellent app to stream through. You can get access to various videos, images, and other stuff. The app interface is pretty good and the developers have used material design as the strength of this app. But one thing you will notice, this app is not exaggerated with unnecessary information.

The theme of this app is also nice and that’s not where you can stop; the controls and support are also exceptional. This app is supported on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Sticks, or other smart TVs.

Price: Free / Optional donation


6. B&H Photo Video

B&H Photo Video

This is one of the best material designing apps and you can use this almost everywhere. The interface and the functionality are pretty good. The categories are organized by color and the icons are well designed. So, you don’t face any issues while browsing through the app. And another thing is while using this app, you don’t feel overblown as the app itself is well maintained.

Price: Free


7. Material Design Demo

Material Design Demo

With this app, you can easily check out material design. You can get access to various elements related to the material design. For example, you get page layouts, transitions, card views, pull-out menu drawer, and a lot more options to check out.

Though advanced programmers are already used to these features and might not find this app that interesting, it is indeed a good choice for beginners to get a glimpse of what material design actually is and how it works. And since you get to use this app for free, there is possibly no harm to give it a try.

Price: Free


8. Lyft


It is a ride-sharing app and the design of this app is pretty much the best among the transit services. The material design is used at its best. There are layers of material design in the controls, the map, and in providing important information. The color palette is also good. This app is a good choice overall but what makes it best is its impressive design.

Price: Free / Varies per ride


9. Material Design Gallery

Material Design Gallery

If you’re a developer, and you want others to review your work, you need to give this app a try. Here you can upload your frameworks or other work-related stuff. Other developers and users can see those and share their comments. This can help you to improve your work and ideas. Being on this app is not mandatory for every developer, but you can get help from others without even having a huge design team.

Price: Free

10. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer

This app is considered one of the best among the file explorer apps. The app design and interface are quite pretty. The floating action button holds most of the common file management commands. For easy categorization of files and folders, this app uses different colors. The whole thing gets pulled together with the slide-out menu and different design quirks.

Price: Free / $1.99


Final Words

According to us, these are the best material design apps for Android. We have provided the app links too for your ease. We also wrote an article on the best file manager apps for Android, go through the article if you are looking for the same.

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