Top 5 Best Chinese Photo Editing Apps [Best Picks]

Best Chinese Photo Editing Apps

E-marketing is an irreversible trend that has been established by the propagation of social media and collaborative smartphone apps. As per the research reports, the sale of around 44% of the luxury group is influenced by the internet due to the buzz created around the product. In order to make this happen there are many best Chinese photo editing apps that will increase your social media presence and will increase the brand followers and onlookers will publicize you in the world of the internet.

We will discuss some of the best Chinese photo editing apps below, with the help of which you will be able to increase your presence in the internet world.

List Of Best Chinese Photo Editing Apps

Below are the best Chinese photo editing apps.

1. Meitu Pic

Meitu Pic

It is a Chinese smartphone-based photo editing app that allows users to edit or tweak their selfies with Instagram or the Snapchat filters. The app also allows users to tweak their facial structure by using the feature enhancement tools available in the app.

It has been developed by Xiamen-based Meitu Inc and is the flagship camera app of the company, which has become a big hit among its western customers. The company, in addition to Meitu Pic, has developed a series of beauty camera apps that cater to the fashion sense of young Chinese consumers. Even the luxury brands have participated in promoting these apps so that they can reach out to the potential young Chinese.

2. Makeup Plus

Makeup Plus

This app has also been developed by Meitu Inc with the latest feature of integrating luxury good branding into the everyday photo editing experience. The app uses augmented reality technology; which detects facial features accurately and applies virtual makeup like hairstyle, eyeshadows, and other mascara products.

Many beauty bloggers are using this app so that they are able to engage with consumers of the luxury brand. The app advertises consumers to try the brands virtually through their apps.

3. Pitu


This app has been created by China’s internet giant Tencent. Like other apps, it offers a number of filters used for beautifying and virtual makeup options to choose from. The AR technology helps the app to accurately apply makeup products to the user’s selfie.

Since being launched in 2014; it has accumulated a total of 106 million monthly users who are quite active on social media. The main audience, the Pitu app targets; are younger and more individualized, which are younger than 25 and comprise 80% of the users. The app allows users to try different types of luxurious sunglasses, which have been specially designed for selfie stickers.

4. FaceU


This app is more focused on the social feature encouraging the users to video chat with friends or with strangers using the fun stickers. The app mainly targets female users between the age of 15 to 35 and has been twice in the top app charts for the Apple App Store. Luxury brands are teaming up with this app to promote their products like handbags, perfumes, etc. on social media.

5. Camera360


This is one of the earliest smartphone-based apps used for editing photos; and it was created by Pinguo Technology, which is based in Chengdu. This is their flagship product and has around 200 million users worldwide.

The app provides around 200 filters and also the option for the user to add live face effects and stickers to their photos. Many celebrities use this app to promote their upcoming movies and TV series to the Chinese market.

Final Words

We hope the above article will help you find some of the best Chinese photo editing apps with which you will be able to promote the luxury products of the company you are associated with; providing them a great range of the market.

Is the Photoshop app free?

No, Photoshop is not free.

Which is the best app for picture editing?

PicsArt is the best app for picture editing.

Is Snapseed free?

Yes, Snapseed is free.

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