5 Best Free Video Editing Apps For Android Without Watermark

Best Free Video Editing Apps For Android

Looking for the best free video editing apps for Android without Watermark? Well, you’re at the right place. In this article, we’ve mentioned and discussed the best free video editing apps for Android without watermarks which are free from any hidden charges for you to export your videos in high quality.

Every free video editing app that is coming on the market these days lets you edit your videos in high quality but leave their watermark behind with the purpose of promoting their brand. If you’re not interested in showing your audience what editing app you used or you don’t want your audience to know for sure that you used an editing app in the first place; you should go for the video editing apps listed below.

List Of Best Free Video Editing Apps For Android

The best free video editing apps for Android are listed below.

1. BeeCut


The first one on our list of best free video editing apps for Android is BEECUT. Along with the choice of multiple filters, this app provides its users different types of aspect ratios. It has both free as well as premium versions and is highly straightforward. So that, its users can enjoy its features without getting confused because of random options.

It allows not only trimming, cutting, or re-ordering of videos but also lets its users alter the color scheme, generate split-screen effects, and many more. Though it has limited features compared to other competitors, it is highly simple and best for the use of beginners.


2. GoPro Quik

GoPro Quik

Quik video editing app comes in the second position on our list. This app is from GoPro and provides a ton of top features compared to a desktop video editor. Videos can be edited and saved in both 720p and 1080p and unnecessary portions of the clips can be easily removed. This app automatically cuts and transitions if you just select a video link. Quik provides almost all the features to its users for free and also makes everything look super easy.


3. VN Video Editor

VN Video Editor

VN video editor comes third on our list of best free video editing apps for Android. It is a multimedia application and provides its users a convenient and quick way to produce enchanting videos. This video editing app comes for free and has all the features needed by the users to edit; trim and cut their videos.

This app is not only ideal for beginners as it is extremely easy to use but also very appropriate for professionals as it has all the features necessary for complete video editing. VN Video Editor has a free version where users can find all the features without getting the watermark imprinted on their videos. This app provides its users more than 60 filters and 21 transitions.




The fourth best free video editing app for Android is VLLO. This is one of the best apps for editing your daily vlogs or YouTube videos as it leaves no watermark behind and is totally free. Its amazing animations are one of the most charming highlights of this app. This app is by Vimosoft and has a rating of 5 stars on the App Store.

VLLO is an amazing app to edit your videos on your mobile phone. It is easy to use and reasonably fast. Videos can be zoomed in and out just by pinching the screen with your two fingers; which helps you in carefully analyze every detail.


5. YouCut


The last app on our list of best free video editing apps for Android is YouCut. This app is highly intuitive and has many features that can help you create an entire movie just on your Android smartphone. It is simple and quick and you can start by simply selecting the video that you want to edit.

However, if you want your edited video to look good; you can get that just in a few seconds by simply selecting the settings accordingly. Its amazing features help you to create wonderful videos and you can use this app to edit your daily vlogs, your YouTube videos; your Instagram reels or even to create videos from your pictures in order to go down your memory lane.


Which is the best free video editor for Android?

PowerDirector is the best free video editor for Android.

Which free app is best for video editing?

LumaFusion is the best free app for video editing.

Is Filmora free?

No, Filmora is not free.