10 Best Dark Mode Extensions For Google Chrome

Best Dark Mode Extensions For Google Chrome

Check out the best dark mode extensions for Google Chrome.

Last year Google introduced the Dark mode in Chrome. It’s indeed the most wanted feature, but it depends on whether they support it. The dark mode is available for almost all the platforms such as Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows 10. But it can be set if you choose dark mode theme as the native theme on PC or phone. However, you can specifically select a dark mode theme for chrome only by using extensions for Google Chrome in Windows 10.

In this article, you will learn how to get dark mode on Chrome without selecting a dark theme for the system. To get the dark theme, try these best dark mode extensions for Google Chrome. You can download them from the Google Chrome web store. You’ll also learn how to turn on the native dark mode option of your Chrome.

List Of Best Dark Mode Extensions For Google Chrome

Here’s the list of best dark mode extensions for Google Chrome.

1. Just Black

Just Black

Well, Just black is not an extension of Chrome, but it’s a dark theme that provides a dark look to the entire browser from the new tab page to the top bar. As the theme is from the official Chrome team, there is no doubt about quality and reliability.

Install this simple dark theme for your Google Chrome. If you want a dash of colour in your browser, this theme is not suitable for you as it changes your browser into dark colour from top to bottom. Moreover, there is no customization available in it.

You can download it for free.

2. Dark Reader

Dark Reader

Dark Reader is the most popular dark mode among users. It’s an excellent extension for both Firefox and Chrome. It works on 99% of the websites. The dark reader makes your night reading experience better by changing bright colours into high contrast. You can change the settings like brightness, contrast, sepia, filter, and many more. And the best part is, you can download it for free, and it doesn’t show any ads in between.

3. Google Chrome – Dark Theme

Google Chrome - Dark Theme

It’s also a theme and not a chrome extension. Also, it offers a simple way to bring darkness to Google Chrome. The dark theme doesn’t use dark black; it uses 80% of black colour. These grey shades make it easy for the reader for night reading. The color-changing in Dark Theme reduces the pressure on your eyes by offering different grey colours. You can use it for free for your chrome.

4. Turn Off Lights

Turn Off Lights

The Turn Off Lights is quite different than an extension and dark theme software. It’s designed for video-streaming sites, and while playing a video, it dims the rest of the content to give the theatrical experience. To dim the light, you can simply click on the lamp button (it work as a toggle).

However, it works with almost all video sites like YouTube, Metacafe, YouKu, Hulu, and more. Even you can use it with other themes and extensions. Well, Turn Off Lights offers you the best experience while streaming videos, and you can install it for free.

5. Midnight Lizard

Midnight Lizard

It’s an open-source project like Dark Reader. The feature of customizable grey color and themes makes it different from other applications. If you want a customizable extension, Midnight Lizard is the best choice for you. Set the same or specific theme for various websites. Users can adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation to enhance readability. Besides this, you can change colour, background text, links, borders, images, and scrollbars.

6. Dark Night Mode

Dark Night Mode

The Dark Night Mode uses a unique algorithm to apply dark mode for all the websites on your browser. It detects all the colours of the website and converts them into dark colour. It’s also an open-source dark mode extension for your chrome. Also, it doesn’t harm the images on the website. Moreover, it merely doesn’t invert the colours, so your black website will not turn into a white colour. The bright colours get darker at high intensity, so don’t worry about the bright colour website.

7. Lunar Reader

Lunar Reader

Lunar Reader is the most advisable Chrome extension with a 4+ rating on the Chrome web store. It allows you to customize visual brightness, contrast, and saturation to give the best dark theme mode. It also has a “night shift” mode that can be auto-activated based on the time. Lunar Reader completely removes the blue light and offers you a soothing dark theme. You can use keyboard shortcuts to control its activation.

8. Super Dark Mode

Super Dark Mode

Super Dark Mode is a dark mode extension for Google Chrome. The darkness of the Super Dark mode gives relaxation to your eyes while working. Additional features offered by Super Dark mode are automatic scheduling, customized colour scheme, brightness control, and CSS. Even under customization, you can add patterns to give it unique to your website. It will allow you to experiment with numerous features. Download it for free.

9. Dark Mode

Dark Mode

Using Dark Mode, you can simply apply a global dark theme to all the websites. With a toolbar button, you can simply enable and disable this theme on your Chrome. Additionally, it offers you 50 options to change the theme from the options page. Also, Dark Mode has a white list feature, which helps you exclude a specific website from the dark mode. Undoubtedly it’s the best dark mode extension for Google Chrome.

10. Night Eye

Night Eye

Night Eye works differently than dark reader mode. Instead of just inverting colours, using an algorithm enables the dark mode. Moreover, it also offers you excess to control the built-in dark themes of different websites. For instance, you can change the dark theme on YouTube, Reddit, Twitch, 9gag, DuckDuckGo, and more. The website that doesn’t have an in-built theme changes the colour in a dark theme smoothly.

You can download and apply all these extensions, themes, and open source for free.

Steps To Enable The Dark Mode of Chrome

Google Chrome already has a dark mode. But there is no option in settings to enable/disable it.

Here are the steps to enable the dark mode on Google Chrome in your system.

  • Open the chrome browser and type “chrome:// flags” in the address bar and press Enter.
Search Chrome Flags In The Address Bar
  • Search for the “dark mode” in the flag search bar. Look for Force Dark Mode for Web Content and select the ‘Enabled’ option.
Search Dark Mode In Flag Bar

If you don’t want any additional theme or extension, just do the flag and apply dark mode on your chrome browser. However, this flag trick also works on Android, Mac, and Linux. Irrespective of your operating system, enable the dark mode on your phone, Mac, or system. Indeed, you don’t need to put extra effort to change Chrome’s dark mode in your phone, flag it.

Hence, you know how to apply dark mode on Google chrome using different themes, extensions, and flags. All these have their own ways and features to provide you dark mode. Some of them are advanced and offers you customization option. You don’t need to pay bucks to get a dark mode for your Chrome. Dark mode provides relaxation to your eyes during night usage of screen. You can control features like brightness and contrast for a more comfortable experience.

Which is the best dark mode extension for Chrome?

Dark Reader is the the best dark mode extension for Google Chrome.

Can you put Chrome in dark mode?

Yes, you can put Chrome in dark mode.

Is Dark mode better for eyes?

Yes, it can reduce eye strain and enhance your reading experience.