15 Best Exploration Games For Android [Expert Picks]

Best Exploration Games For Android

Finding new places has always been one of human’s primitive instincts, and hence exploration games are the favorite theme of games that are mostly downloaded and played. We will get to know the best exploration games for android that have been selected by the A.I. by comparing the games available for the Android platform.

Here is a list of the best exploration games for android through which you’ll explore the world that you can just imagine.

List of Best Exploration Games For Android

1. P-O-L-L-E-N

Best Exploration Games For Android

This exploration game is set on Saturn’s moon named Titan with highly interactive and suspenseful first-person sci-fi exploring the mysteries of the moon. It is what makes it unique and detailed work done on the moon compared to the other games that are available on the android platform.

2. Mines of Mars

Mines of Mars Game

This game is related to exploring mars through mining accompanied by a storyline having an adventure theme with great weaponry and a dark secret. It is a role-playing game having great atmospheric vibes and ends by defeating the huge bosses.

3. Morphite

Morphite Game

This is a futuristic game where humans have reached far distances in space. The game revolves around the main character Myrah Kale who explores space and her affinity for the rare material morphine. The player explores the large space stations which are either abandoned or infested by alien life. It is beautifully animated with original soundtracks.

4. OPUS: The Day We Found Earth

OPUS - The Day We Found Earth Game

This is a role-playing game with the storyline set in a space voyage having an epic soundtrack to accompany your sky-searching. The storyline is based on finding the long-lost earth as the title suggests saving the nearly extinct human race by exploring space, making it one of the best exploration games for Android.

5. Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow

Futurama - Worlds of Tomorrow Game

This game is based on the animated series Futurama, which has the original cast voicing the characters of the game. The characters tear down to an alternate universe through time-space, and putting back the universe together is what all the game is about. Along the way, you build and explore the city of New York and bring in the main characters of the show.

6. Nimian Legends: BrightRridge

Nimian Legends - Bright Bridge Game

The game is an open world where your character explores anywhere. It’s a beautiful and natural fantasy world having stories and characters with tones of options for the filter and effects. The unique feature of this game is snap-change, where your character can unlock the powers and change into several species and explore the beautiful fantasy land of the bright ridge.

7. Vignettes

Vignettes Game

It is a unique exploration game without characters; the object shapeshifts when you spin them around to wander through complex patterns of different moods and settings. You just have to pull your finger on the screen and rotate the object and tap to interact.

8. Dream

It’s an exploration game in the dream world of the subconscious mind of the main character. The dreams are lucid and powerful compared to the dull waking hours of the character.

9. Deep Loot

Deep Loot Game

This is a sea exploration game in which your character has to become the biggest Deep Loot diver of all time. The coins collected in the game allow you to buy bigger boats and upgrade your diving suits and equipment so that you can complete missions and create new records.

10. Jungle Adventures 3

Jungle Adventures 3 Game

The game is based on the jungle theme, where your character named Addu explores the game in search of food while witnessing a tragic site. The character Addu and his friends explore games facing the challenges blocking their path from saving the fur family.

11. Art of Conquest

Art of Conquest Game

In this game, the player gets to develop their civilization, which includes creating new units of army and heroes. They can explore the map and lead the armies to conquest other civilizations. It is a strategy game with which the players can create and expand their empires.

12. Army Craft

Army Craft Game

In this game, you are on a battlefield facing hordes of enemy infantry and military equipment. It is based on the concept of one man against the entire army.

13. DragonBox Big Numbers

DragonBox Big Numbers

In this game, you have to gather and trade resources so that you can unlock new worlds. It is a game for your child to enhance their ability to understand mathematics while they are enjoying the games.

14. Reveal the Deep

Reveal the Deep Game

This game is centered around the 19th Century ship, which is navigated by the player by uncovering the stories of the ship’s downfall and its passengers. The player has to be clever and should be ready for the excitement of the secrets that are being revealed.



It is a salvage mission in which the players board the mysterious ship, which is an old but highly advanced ship. The players can explore the various world in this adventure game.




Mines of Mars


Deep Loot


Jungle Adventures 3


Dragon Box


Hoping this article will give insight into the best exploration games for android so that you can enjoy the games that quench your exploration needs.

What are the best exploration games for Android?

The best exploration games for Android are P-O-L-L-E-N, Mines of Mars, Morphite, OPUS: The Day We Found Earth, Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow, Nimian Legends, BrightRridge, Vignettes, Dream, etc.

Which is the No 1 game in the world?

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is the No 1 game in the world right now.

Which game is most downloaded in the world?

The most downloaded game in the world in Minecraft.