7 Best Free Streaming Sites For Sports [Top Picks]

Best Free Streaming Sites For Sports

In this article, we are going to discuss the best free streaming sites for sports.

Sports remain built-in within every human. Earlier, we used television to watch sports, but things have changed and in today’s world, we are more attached to our mobile phones compared to TV.

That’s why many sports broadcasters are shifting to mobile apps and websites as a way to stream sports. But, as usual, most of them are paid. In this article, we are going to discuss only free ways to watch various kinds of sports.

List Of Best Free Streaming Sites For Sports

Here are some best free streaming sites for sports.

1. ESPN Sports

ESPN Sports

You can’t ignore ESPN if you are looking for the best free streaming sites for sports. ESPN is a very popular name in the field of sports. It covers a variety of sports including Football, Tennis, Basketball, and other popular sports too.

But, every sport is not available on ESPN’s site. This means that you can’t watch each and every sport on ESPN. So, if you are choosing ESPN (your one-stop destination to watch your favorite sport on the upcoming Sunday), there are some chances that you may not even find your favorite sport.

Another drawback, this website is a genuine and official website of a major sports broadcasting company. This means you can’t find streaming of the sports that the company does not deal with.

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2. Facebook Watch

Facebook For Sports

Facebook is one of the popular social media sites. It has a feature called Facebook Watch with which users can stream anything from their mobile/PCs. Many people watch various kinds of sports using this feature. So, if you have a Facebook account, which obviously you will have, you can watch various kinds of sports using Facebook Watch.

But, there are some major drawbacks of watching sports using Facebook Watch. First of all, there is no guarantee that you will get coverage of all the sports you wish.

This process is dependent on users who do streaming from their devices. There may be some technical error with which the stream may get postponed while watching a special moment.

The quality of the video in the streaming may not be the best always, there may be some excessive lag all through the live streaming and some annoying popup ads.

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3. Bosscast


In the list of best free streaming sites for sports, a site named Bosscast stands at the 3rd position. Though the site looks a bit old with a classic interface, various kinds of sports and TV shows are available on this site.

It covers the streaming of sports like Basketball, Baseball, Football, etc. As it’s an old site, it uses Adobe flash, which is out of date and won’t work now anymore.

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4. Cricfree


Cricfree is mainly dedicated to those who love Cricket. Still, sports like Football, Baseball, Golf, etc can also be watched on this site.

But this site does not stream the sports itself. It contains links to other sites where you can watch those sports that are mentioned in Cricfree. On this site also, you will find a lot of annoying ads.

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5. Reddit

Reddit For Sports

Reddit is another popular social media site with which you can watch the streaming of various sports. Just like Facebook, here also you have to keep yourself indulged in finding the live streaming of your desired sport to watch it. There are users on Reddit who stream sports on Reddit.

As Facebook is way more popular than Reddit, it is obvious that there will be more options for sports streaming. Keep in mind, there are many spam links on Reddit which will redirect you to fake websites.

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6. SportRAR.TV


SportRAR.TV is a sports streaming site which is also clear from the name of the site itself. A good feature of this site is that, once you enter this site, you can find the list of different sports which are being shown in real-time.

The list is arranged in a group format where you can easily find sports according to their leagues, which really helps you to find your favorite sports easily.

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7. Stream2Watch


Stream2Watch is an unofficial site where you can watch the live streaming of any sport. You can watch sports like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Soccer, etc. As this website is dedicated to sports only, you can find different kinds of sports options.

The major drawback of this site is the annoying ads present on the site. Especially when you are watching your favorite sport and some pop-up ads appear on your screen. It is very irritating to watch those ads and wait for them to stop.

Often this site redirects you to many spam sites which may download things like viruses and malware on your device that can potentially harm your device. So, we recommend you use a good ad blocker that will block unnecessary ads and keep your device protected.

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Final Words

So, these are the best free streaming sites for sports. We hope you have definitely liked it.

Which is the best free football streaming site?

Stream2Watch is the best free football streaming site.

Which is the best free streaming site for sports?

ESPN is the best free streaming site for sports.

Which site is best for live football streaming free?

Live Soccer TV is best for live football streaming.

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