5 Google Doodle Sports Games [Updated List For This Year]

Google Doodle Sports Games

Here, we’ll talk about the best Google doodle sports games that you should play. Google innovates and launches special doodles and relevant doodle sports games mostly on every special occasion. This is really an excellent idea to celebrate any occasion with a special artwork dedicated to the same. And these artworks can multiply the fun even more as they come with a relevant game to play.

Doodles and games are to be found on the top-middle of the Google Search homepage. You just need to tap on the doodle and enter the game. Also, these games are web-based; so you don’t need to spend money or data to download the games.

List Of Best Google Doodle Sports Games

While many Google doodle sports games have been launched by Google; we’ve shortlisted the top of them. We will talk about the games with a little introduction.

1. Soccer

Soccer - Google Doodle

Soccer is one of the most popular Google doodle sports games. In this game, you’re given the role of a goalkeeper; who’d try to stop the incoming goal attempts to his side.

You can change the position of the goalkeeper and follow the on-screen instructions to learn all the controls.

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2. Slalom Canoe

Slalom Canoe - Google Doodle

Another popular game among the Google doodle sports games is Slalom Canoe. Here, you’ll be rowing a canoe through a river or a watercourse. To control the canoe, follow the on-screen instructions you’re getting.

Specifically, pressing left and right can make the canoe go left and right. You can also control the speed of rowing the canoe. Pass through all the obstacles and win the game.

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3. Cricket

Cricket - Google Doodle

There are so many simulation-based video games available on the web; which lets you play cricket. But you either have to download those games or you have to purchase them. So, if you don’t want to do all that time-wasting stuff and still wanna play cricket-based games; this Google doodle game has got you covered.

This game was launched to celebrate ICC 2017 with a special doodle. You tap the doodle and the game screen appears. You just need to tap on the bat button to play and score.

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4. Hurdles

Hurdles - Google Doodle

The name is giving a hint to the function of the game. Here, you need to run and jump over the obstacles which will get appeared in front of you. There’s a finish line too which you need to cross to complete the game.

You can change the speed of your running according to your requirement and you can jump over the obstacles which you get in front of you.

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5. Basketball

Basketball - Google Doodle

If you’re interested in playing basketball; you need to check out this doodle basketball game. This game is quite old actually. It was created and launched in 2012 to celebrate the Summer Games.

Here, you need to throw the ball through the hoop. You’d get on-screen instructions on how to make a precise goal in this game. There’s a fixed time limit, and you need to score goals as many as you can within the time limit.

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These are the best Google doodle sports games that you should go for. These games are super easy and fun too. Moreover, the doodles make them more attractive and exciting. Google actually has a variety of these doodle sports games; but the games mentioned above are the most liked doodle games by the users.

Which is the best game to play on Google Doodle?

Cricket is the best game to play on Google Doodle.

Which is the most fun Google Doodle?

The Scoville Game is the most fun Google Doodle.

Is there a chess Google Doodle?

Yes, there is a Chess game on Google Doodle.

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