5 Best GBA Emulators For PSP [Updated List For This Year]

Best GBA Emulators For PSP

Here’s the list of the best GBA emulators for PSP.

PSP is one of the famous game consoles that provides a fantastic gaming experience. Almost everyone in this world enjoys playing on their PSP. Its smoothness, speed, and compatibility will undoubtedly improve your gaming experience. However, if you want to use Nintendo‘s new GBA emulators but don’t know how to do so on the PSP, then this guide will help you.

However, it is somewhat laborious to use GBA emulators on PSP but not impossible. In this article, we’ll go over the best GBA emulators for PSP. So, let’s begin.

List Of Best GBA Emulators For PSP

Below are the best GBA emulators for PSP.


GPSP is an open-source Game Boy Advance emulator for the PlayStation Portable. It is at the top of the list of the best GBA emulators for PSP. GPSP is highly compatible, smooth, and free of bugs that give you an amazing experience. It is a great candidate for porting similar lightweight platforms like the Raspberry Pi.

Furthermore, GPSP has several advanced GBA features that will improve your gaming experience. It is specifically designed for experienced players and it is a near-perfect GBA emulator, with no lag in sound, frame rate, and graphics.

2. mGBA

Even though there are fewer GBA emulators for the PSP, mGBA is one of the best GBA emulators for the PSP. mGBA is a GBA emulator that usually works for Windows. If you are using a desktop or laptop then this emulator is quite helpful. However, you can’t use it on your cell phone.

Moreover, mGBA has several advantages like it supports a large number of players, you can play retro games on it, and its setup is also very easy.

One disadvantage of this emulator is that you will not be able to find very advanced features on it.

Despite its drawbacks, it is the best emulator if you only need basic features.

3. BatGBA

Now, if you like simplicity and don’t care much about advanced features, BatGBA is for you. If you are new to using the emulator then BatGBA will surely entertain you. Its simplicity makes it the perfect fit for novices.

Furthermore, if you have limited space and want a superior GBA emulator with high performance, BatGBA is the way to go. Though, one of its disadvantages is that the game typically runs slowly.

But, you can play a variety of games on it, both commercial and non-commercial.

4. Higan GBA

Higan GBA is one of the best GBA emulators for PSP. It will take you to the era where everyone was playing GBA games. It has an exceptional ability to adapt to different types of devices and can also be easily loaded onto any hardware.

Although it usually runs GBA games, it also supports multiple platforms like Gameboy color, sega master system, etc.

Moreover, its color reproduction is something you might find appealing, and it will also give an advantage over other emulators.

Though it can be laggy sometimes but in front of other interesting features, it shouldn’t concern you.

5. Visual Boy Advance

If you want to use an emulator that provides stability, which can’t be seen on an average console, then Visual Boy Advance is among the best GBA emulators for PSP, which serve the purpose.

Visual Boy Advance has high compatibility with all devices, old and new. If you have an old device, this emulator will work for you. Furthermore, it will work for both novice and experienced users.

Also, the cherry on the cake is that it is free, and the updates are rolled quite frequently. It supports multiple operating systems and offers button remapping, which is useful if you want to play with a controller.

Furthermore, Visual Boy Advance provides the option to take screenshots, and you can also record your gameplay.

Although there is some lag in ancient video games but it is manageable.


Finally, these are some of the best GBA emulators for PSP that you should try. If you want to relive your childhood by playing retro games, these GBA emulators will come in handy. We have also written an article on the best GBA emulators for Android if you wanna play your favorite games on an Android device.

Also, share it with your friends so that you can all enjoy GBA games on your PSP.

Are emulators legal?

Yes, emulators are legal to download and use.

Does the PSP emulator work well?

Yes, PSP emulators work well.

Is PPSSPP good on PC?

Yes, PPSSPP is one of the best emulators.

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