How Read Receipts Work On WhatsApp? [Explained]

How Read Receipts Work On WhatsApp

On WhatsApp, you must have noticed that sometimes a message was seen; but the ticks never turn blue. Along with that, when you check the info, a few details are missing. To help you with this, we came up with an article. Here you will learn how read receipts work on WhatsApp.

What are Read Receipts?

Read Receipts is a feature that allows you to control your activity on WhatsApp messages and Status. You can turn on/off the read receipts via Settings > Account > Privacy > Read receipts.

Toggle Off Read Receipts - Read WhatsApp Messages Without Blue Tick

How Read Receipts Work On Whatsapp?

Turning off the read receipts allows you to see WhatsApp status and messages secretly. In simple words, the person on the other side would not know that you have seen the status or read messages. It is because the ticks on Whatsapp behave differently.

What is the difference between the Single, Double, and Blue Ticks?

  • Single tick: The message is sent successfully.
  • Double tick: The recipient receives the message successfully.
  • Two Blue ticks: The recipient has seen the message.

Note: The double tick in a group chat will appear only after all the group members have received the message. Similarly, the double tick will appear blue when all members of the group have seen the message.

When does the double tick not turn blue?

It is because the ‘read receipts’ has been turned off. Once turned off either by you or the other person (recipient), a double tick for them will not turn blue even after the message was seen.

Do Read receipts tweak the Info section?

Apparently, it does. The Info section shows some important details about a message. It lets you check if the message is sent, received, seen, or played. However, when it is turned off, the time and date for ‘seen’ are deactivated.

The voice message is an exception; it shows two blue ticks if a recording is played either in an individual chat or in a group chat.


We hope the above article on how read receipts work on WhatsApp is useful for you. We have also written an article on how to add bank account in WhatsApp if you looking to use the payment feature on WhatsApp.

What will happen if we off read receipts in WhatsApp?

The sender and receiver will only see the two grey ticks if they disable the read receipts. They will not find out that the message is seen or not.

Does read receipts affect status on WhatsApp?

Yes, you won’t be able to see who has seen your status if the read receipts is off.

Can I turn off read receipts for one person WhatsApp?

No. Actually, this feature is not for a specific person.

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