10 Best Medium Alternatives For Reading And Publishing

Best Medium Alternatives

Today, we are going to take a look at some of the best Medium Alternatives. Medium is a wonderful place where writers and readers come together to appreciate each other. Opening your profile on Medium feels like a piece of cake, easy and quick. Once you are an official member of the Medium community you simply begin your reading or writing journey.

But if you have already experienced Medium and want to take a look at other alternatives, worry no more, because we have listed the best Medium alternatives.

List Of Best Medium Alternatives

Medium allows both publishers and readers to show and appreciate work. But sometimes the audience wants different things from the application or just want to change things a bit. That’s why we have provided you alternatives list with pros and cons for each platform so you know which one suits you better.

1. Quora


For the readers out there, Quora is quite similar to Medium if you are looking at reading aspects. Both platforms gain content through their strong community. The difference between Medium and Quora is that you will get lengthy articles on Medium, however, on Quora, you can get short and simple answers to your questions.

Yes, Quora has a feature where you can ask any random questions and get direct answers from users. You can have a chance to get advice from authorized personalities. There are plenty of people who are experts in certain fields, and if your question belongs to their field they might answer you.

Just like any other social media platform, Quora has gone to the point where you might start to find people who are just there for fun, making the content semi-quality. But be careful and follow users who are experts to get the best outcome. If you don’t want ads and want access to exclusive content make sure to get the Quora Plus subscription.


  • You can ask any question.
  • One of the best Medium alternatives especially for the readers.
  • Have content published by the experts.


  • Due to popularity, the content might not always be accurate.
  • Too many people.
  • Availability: Android, Web, iOS
  • Price: Free or 6.99$ for a subscription

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2. HubPages


The depths of HubPages will remind you of Medium because the generation of content is very similar. HubPages have both long and short forms of articles. And it does not force you to write any of your own articles. You can go to the platform any time to read the content you like.

One unique key feature of this platform is that the writers here are genuine and provide authentic content. They write on matters they are experts in and make sure it is short and simple. This will provide you exclusive information that you can’t get anywhere.

Writers can even start to get some income through this platform. It won’t be enough to purchase a house but definitely a good passive earning.


  • Community is very much like Medium.
  • Variety of content.
  • Writers can earn through monetization.


  • Strict guidelines need to be followed.
  • Availability: Only Web
  • Price: Free

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3. DEV Community

DEV Community

This is one of the best Medium alternatives that you can get especially for content creators. This platform offers content in a variety of programming languages. Besides content, you can find jobs, videos, and podcasts.

If you want, you can even look for mentors who can guide you in your career. This platform has features where you can comment on posts, like them, or keep them saved for later.


  • One of the best Medium alternatives for developers.
  • Get programming language content.
  • Can find mentors and communicate with them.


  • Not very much variety except for programming language.
  • Availability: Android, Web, and iOS
  • Price: Free

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4. Vocal Media

Vocal Media

This platform is specially built for writers. Vocal motivates the writers to publish content that is really needed by the audience. They pay the writers to write and you can earn up to 3.80$ for 1000 views. You can earn up to 6$ by getting a premium subscription.

Not only you get informational content but also get stories on categories like crime, drama, sports, etc.


  • Good for hardworking creators.
  • Can get monetized for earning.
  • Variety of niches.


  • Not good for building a brand.
  • Availability: Web
  • Price: Free and 9.99$ for a monthly subscription

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5. BeamStart


This place is good for people who are interested in company startups, investment in crypto, keeping an eye on the market, etc. The platform has a lot of information from highly recognized publishers throughout the globe.

Every startup journey can be found in BeamStart. Also, tech and business freaks can come here to get as much information as they want.


  • Good collection of content.
  • Good quality source.
  • Friendly content.


  • You won’t find original content, the content comes from publishers.
  • Availability: Web
  • Price: Free

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6. Substack


The last few years were great for Substack to gain its place in the game. This platform has climbed up the ladder leaving many big publishing platforms behind. The key feature that helped Substack to gain users is that it is very easy to use and monetization for new writers is also simple.

The company does not pay writers by putting ads over their articles, instead, they pay writers from the subscription fees. Of course, the platform takes 10%.


  • Best Medium alternatives for content creators.
  • Easy to monetize.
  • Focuses more on the users.


  • Getting frequent readers can be difficult.
  • Availability: iOS and Web
  • Price: Free or 5$ monthly subscription

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7. WordPress


This is one of the biggest content systems on the web. There are many professional users who use WordPress. Here you can build yourself up for a better future. It has a variety of templates, in-depth editing features, various plugins, etc.

This is perfect for people who are serious about their content and want to create a reputational brand face.
The best thing about this platform is that you can put in hours making your personal themes site or you can just choose a charming-looking theme and get going.


  • Best Medium alternative overall.
  • In-depth customization feature.
  • Professional themes.


  • Best-looking themes are very expensive.
  • Making your page manually can take a lot of time.
  • Availability: Android, iOS, and Web
  • Price: 5$ monthly subscription

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8. Ghost


A good reason to shift from Medium to Ghost is the user interface. Medium has limited features when it comes to the user interface. Your content looks a lot like others and might seem boring to regular readers.
On Ghost, you have the option to be creative and have a good system overall.

If you have already tried Medium and WordPress, and want something that has vibes from both sides, then checking out Ghost is highly recommended. Are you not a reader or writer? Lucky for you, you can still use Ghost for promoting your brand or product through ads.


  • Rich features that keep everything fresh.
  • Friendly for publishers.
  • Very simple to use.


  • Not many themes are available.
  • Availability: Web
  • Price: Can be 11$ per month or 9$ per month if you get a year subscription

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9. Notion


If you are a productive person who likes to work on multiple projects, Notion is perfect for you. It is a good manager for projects and has tools that help you to keep notes. A simple-to-use interface helps to publish content fast and efficiently.

Some startups are even using this platform to get job listings. In just a few clicks, your page gets ready to be shared on social media for use.


  • Simple for usage.
  • Collaboration is easy.
  • Can be used in a few clicks.


  • Personal brand building is tough or impossible.
  • Availability: Android, Web, and iOS
  • Price: Free or 4$ per month

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10. Write.as


This platform started as a simplistic and easy-to-use place for various writers. But over the years, the platform has grown into something beautiful. You can publish blogs, newsletters, journals, etc very easily and quickly. If you desire the best Medium alternatives for a minimalistic interface then Write.as could be just perfect for you.

Write.as has not left its old presence. It still allows users to post their content anonymously. You can share your thoughts and no one will ever know it was you.


  • Simple to operate.
  • Straight forward editing options.
  • Anonymous option for publishing.


  • The monthly subscription is expensive.
  • Not many customization options.
  • Availability: Web
  • Price: Free or 6$ monthly for a year subscription.

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Final Words

Each has its own place in our hearts, find your favorite. These platforms can make you smarter and help you have a good habit that stays with you for a lifetime. Almost every option has a free version. If you are new and want to start earning passive income, you can try some of the options. But remember, be patient and work hard. These all are the best Medium alternatives you can find out there, hope you found one that suits you.

Do Medium writers get paid?

Yes, Medium writers get paid.

What is the best alternative to Medium?

Quora is the best alternative to Medium.

Is Tumblr good for blogs?

Yes, Tumblr is good for blogs.