6 Best Parallel Space Alternatives That You Can Use

Best Parallel Space Alternatives

Here’s the list of best Parallel Space alternatives

Parallel Space, an app that helps you to run two accounts of the same app on your Android Smartphone is quite a rage. It allows one to use two separate accounts with separate identities for the same app on a single device.

But over some years, it has been observed that the Parallel space App has become slow. It drains battery life much faster than before. Even with the screen turned off, the battery gets drained in the background. If you are looking for an alternative for the app, or for some reason, you want to switch, you are in luck. Here are the best Parallel space alternatives that may be used to manage and operate multiple accounts on the same app.

List of Best Parallel Space Alternatives

Parallel space and apps similar to it are very beneficial for people who want to run multiple accounts of the same app. For example, one can use the cloning feature for running two WhatsApp accounts on the same smartphone. If you have a dual sim phone, then you can always use one number for business and one for personal. Many also use this app to create a hidden file system to preserve their private files, while others just use it to keep professional and personal files separate. You can get as creative as you want. So presenting to you some best parallel space alternatives right here.

1. DO Multiple Accounts

A very popular Parallel App alternative is “DO Multiple Accounts“. The app helps you to create more than just two spaces. That means, if you want, you can use three accounts in the same app. Whether you would like to create multiple accounts for your preferred chat application or run separate instances of social media like Facebook and Instagram in one phone, this app will certainly help you do it. The app also gives you notification control over your cloned apps. This means if you wish to keep the app private, you can disable the notifications.

It also comes with an inbuilt privacy locker that helps you hide all the cloned apps behind a password. The app is also light and so does not drain the battery as fast as Parallel Space. Many other features include multiple game accounts, Google Play services, one tap swathing between spaces and so much more. DO Multiple Accounts is a decent app and one of the best Parallel Space Alternatives that are available.

2. Clone App

Clone App is yet another popular alternative for the Parallel Space. A good thing about the app is that, apart from its basic function, it refrains from showing any kind of ads. Even in the free version, one wouldn’t find any ads. Similar to Parallel Space, this app can be used to clone apps to manage multiple accounts on the same phone. It also brings special support for Whatsapp and allows us to use colorful skins.

The app also supports both 32-bit apps and 64-bit apps. With a built-in VPN for enhancing privacy, the app has other features as well. These include support for space themes, emojis, etc. This app is great for cloning your chat and other social media applications. But it may not work well with games.

3. Island

Island, even though in its initial phase, is a very capable app. A great alternative to Parallel Space, it is developed by Oasis Feng, who also developed Greenify, which is a popular power and resource management app for Android. This developer is known for his stance on privacy, so you can remain assured that your data is safe. As for the features, Island has all the features of a Cloning app. One can clone apps for running multiple accounts, isolate apps for protection, and freeze apps to block their background behaviors completely.

So these features can help you run multiple accounts on the same app, ensure less battery drainage, safeguarding your data. Also using a built-in work profile feature, which devoid you to password protect the cloned apps. You can hide them, but not put a lock on the apps. It’s a popular app that will help you to run cloned apps and maintain data privacy.

4. Dual Apps

A popular cloning app, Dual Apps can be used to run and manage multiple accounts on the same device. It also comes with enhanced privacy features and helps you run clone apps without any trace. One can also hide and make their space private. This means only you will have the sole access to that space.

Other than social accounts, the app also supports the cloning of game apps with support from Playstore. Using this app will help you keep both accounts online all the time. You can even choose to hide any notifications from the hidden apps and enhance privacy further. To sum up, we can say it is a great alternative to Parallel Space.

5. Shelter

If you are not so keen on trusting private companies with your personal data, we have an open-sourced Android App alternative for you. Shelter is an open source app, which is free and leverages your Work Profile feature of the Android smartphone to provide you with an isolated space for keeping cloned apps. It is great at enhancing your privacy. With the help of this, one can run all data collecting apps like Facebook at a single place, where they won’t be able to access your data.

You can obviously use this app to clone other apps and run multiple accounts. The good thing about this app is it allows you to freeze any background heavy or less used apps. Apart from being good for privacy, it won’t drain your battery too quickly. But just like Island, you won’t be able to hide cloned apps with a password vault like Shelter. You will get all the other benefits as the app is free, with no ads, and no tracking as well, and ensures data privacy.

6. 2Face

This is another alternative for Parallel Space that helps to use multiple social media apps and accounts on Android devices. Easy to use and without any hassles, this app will only clone a limited number of apps but are fully capable of being efficient. If you wish to run 64-bit apps like Whatsapp, then you can further install additional support from the app, helping you to conveniently run the app.

This was our list of the best Parallel Space alternatives. Do you have any other which you’d like to add on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

Which app is similar to Parallel Space?

Dual Space application is similar to Parallel Space.

Which is better Parallel Space or Dual Space?

Both applications are good but when it comes to best application support, Parallel Space is better than Dual Space.

What are the best alternatives of Parallel Space?

The best alternatives of Parallel Space are DO Multiple Accounts, Dual Apps, Shelter, Clone App, etc.

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