10 Best Podcasts For Long Drives [Top Picks]

Best Podcasts For Long Drives

Here’s a list of the best Podcasts for long drives.

Long drives with awkward silence are one of the worst things you can think of while planning a stress-relieving trip. So if you’re planning a vacation with your partner; a getaway with your friends, or a solo trip, you must keep a record of good music. But this good music will get the best out of you for a few hours and you’ll end up desperately looking for a way to end your boredom. This is the time when you can switch to a perfect podcast.

List Of Best Podcasts For Long Drives

For long haulers, audio series is one of the best ways to beat boredom and start the enjoyment all over again. You can let the hosts do the talking after the good tunes and car sing-alongs get extremely exhausting. Fortunately, there are a number of genres for you to choose from, starting from real-life stories and interviews to interesting fictional sagas. Here are the best podcasts for long drives so that you don’t feel the boredom even for a minute on your next road trip.

1. Travel Tales By AFAR

The first on our list of best podcasts for long drives is travel tales by AFAR. If you are going for a long drive and planning to travel to various places; this podcast is perfect for you as it tells the story of different people with separate backgrounds and different professions like a chef, a comedian, a photographer, etc in every episode as they explore new countries.

These people find certain parts of themselves in their expeditions while searching for lost recipes; stepping out of comfort zones, and finding unexpected connections. These stories can be highly relatable to travelers and give rise to a new purpose for them and make them extremely enthusiastic.

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2. Don’t Ask Tig

The second on our list is Don’t Ask Tig. This podcast is kind of an anti-advice show. Tig here constantly reminds the listeners not to take advice from her and yet keep giving life advice. She starts with asking stupid questions like how can she turn down tea if she doesn’t like it and then proceeds with increasingly profound questions like when she asks for help as her mother wants to move in with her.

Her guest of the week range from comedians such as Nicole Byer and Michelle Buteau to political figures and talk show hosts along with herself trying to answer them. Each episode is capped by Tig with a bit involving “Name That Thing,” where they have to name a listener’s dog, farm, houseplant, etc.

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3. Hear To Slay

The third podcast on our list is Hear To Slay. Author Roxane Gay and sociologist Tressie McMillan Cottom are the hosts of this podcast. It is the Black feminist podcast that one could have only dreamt of before! The host’s interview was about powerful topics from powerful women. These interviews evoke a different kind of enthusiasm in almost everyone and are certainly worth listening to!

Here you can hear honest confessions of Ava DuVernay about how she balances social justice work and art; how Gabrielle Union recognized prejudice in Hollywood, and how the famous painter; Jordan faced her pain of misattribution. This is a Luminary Original which means only excerpts can be listened by the nonsubscribers on other platforms.

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4. Tig & Cheryl: True story

Fourth on our list of best podcasts for long drives is Tig & Cheryl: True story. It is another Tig’s podcast on our list and this is all about documentaries. Comedian Tig Notaro along with actress Cheryl Hines (popular for her recurring role as Cheryl David on the show Curb Your Enthusiasm) select one documentary each week to see and review.

They select various stories to review like Tiger King, Framing Britney Spears, and Honeyland and go wildly off the rails while doing so. They steer off to various other topics while reviewing the selected story and start talking about different tangents on garage sales; their celebrity crushes, the childhood of Cheryl in Florida, etc. It’s like witnessing a sweet and sour friendship from the seat on the front row.

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5. In The Dark

The fifth podcast on our list is In the dark. This podcast has won the Peabody Award and is brilliantly hosted by Madeleine Baran and a crew from American Public Media. It not only mentions every small detail of a crime but also questions certain laws and the justice system.

It tries to find out the impact of law enforcement on national narratives of something similar to child abduction and questions the capability of the justice system if a man has been tried six times for the same crime. Currently, In The Dark is airing limited-run series about life during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Mississippi Delta.

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6. The Left Right Game

The Left Right Game comes in the sixth position. This one might not interest you much at first but once you go deeper; this one is hard to take off your mind. This podcast opens up in a hospital with an injured young man who had recently faced a car accident. His convalescence is being spent by him telling about his former classmate, Alice.

According to the man, Alice was a young, enthusiastic woman who vanished playing the Left Right Game. Until you are set in a supernatural world, you play the game, you guessed it, turn left and then right, again and again.

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7. Blood Ties

Blood Ties steal away the seventh position on our list and it is totally worth your time. It is a gripping, fictional mystery that will make your trip look extremely short. This podcast revolves around two siblings named Eleanor and Michael who are grappling with mysterious revelations regarding their surgeon father who had supposedly died in a plane crash. As they dig deeper, certain revelations make them believe that until now everything in their lives was a big lie.

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8. Becoming Mother Nature

This has to be one of the best podcasts for long drives as it gives everything a Nature enthusiast would want. Chloe Lovejoy is a city girl who has arrived in California to live with her grandmother Ivy. However, her grandmother Ivy is not a normal grandmother. In fact, her grandmother is mother nature with inheritable environmental responsibilities. This is the 10-part and in the first one; Chloe learns a lot about nature and the power of her heritage.

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9. Six Minutes

If you’re tired of your kids asking you multiple questions throughout the ride; try to engage them in this action, adventure, and mystery-laden podcast. An eleven-year-old is found floating in the icy waters of Alaska with no memory of her life. Soon she starts to develop special abilities and finds out she’s not the only one with those abilities. It has all the ingredients to get your child’s attention deeply and get them engaged in it throughout your long drive.

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10. Mic Drop

The last one on our list of best podcasts for long drives is Mic Drop. This podcast shows you the world from a teen’s eye. This podcast tells you all about a teen’s dream-chasing, rule-breaking, puberty adventures, and many more other phases. All the episodes of this podcast are short (around 10 minutes) and are hosted by teens. Teens here share their differences and similarities and also let the world know what they face almost every day without the adults noticing their problems or even considering they have them.

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