10 Best UC Browser Alternatives For You [Top Picks]

Best UC Browser Alternatives

One of the most sought after web browsers in India and owned by Alibaba Group, UC Browser was amongst the 59 Chinese apps banned by the India Government. Quite popular, this app was available on Android with over 50 crore downloads done on the Google Play Store. The app was also accused of having many threats to the security of the users and unethical privacy practices. With a Chinese background, and with so many loopholes in the security, you must be wondering what else can you download in place of UC Browser? Well, we give you some of the best UC browser alternatives for you to switch over a better and safe browser for your device.

List of Best UC Browser Alternatives

1. Google Chrome

Our top most recommended browser for your device would be Google Chrome. Boasting of a convenient and hassle-free interface, the browser is user friendly and is quite a preferred choice. Offering top-rated protection against viruses and regular updates against any security threats or shady websites, Chrome has the feature of “fast download”, which was the USP of UC Browser. It helps in smart download where it accelerates the download speed by splitting the file into smaller parts.

In addition, Google Chrome is also capable to generate passwords and sync everything to the same Google account, thus saving you time and effort of making a backup and smooth transition from one gadget to another. It is also going to launch dark mode for the web and already has dark UI.

2. Safari

For iOS and iPhone users, Safari is a go-to browser and the perfect alternative to UC Browser. As it already has Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) and by default blocks all the third party cookies, you can be sure that you aren’t followed by any tracker on the websites that you visit.

3. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge, another alternative of the UC Browser, is pre-installed in all Windows PC and is thereby even available on Google Playstore for you to download. It is being appreciated for its battery life, excellent performance, and other unique features.

Microsoft has come up with this new browser after it adopted the Chromium for its mobile version and desktops. Chromium Edge has been made available to all OS, including iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. It blocks all third-party trackers by default and should be the perfect choice to opt as a browser.

4. Samsung Internet Browser

A new player and a promising one, Samsung Internet Browser have been a popular choice since its advent. With support for selected few add-ons from the Galaxy Store, and equipped with the most features for a browser, it is one of the best UC browser alternatives in true sense. With a range of features like the native ad blocker, dark mode, font customization, download manager, secret mode, autofill feature, and so much more, this option definitely deserves a glance from you.

It also has a smart anti-tracking feature which helps in blocking the trackers and analytics tools from the websites you might have visited. Based on Chromium, Samsung Internet Browser is a browser promising your great performance results.

5. Opera

In comparison to the UC Browser, Opera is quite similar with almost all the features but at the same time maintaining your privacy and is one of the most preferred browsers all over the world. Blocking all the third party apps and ads, it also has the option to block unwanted cookies.

It is power-packed with features like curated news feed, built-in VPN, night mode, and much more.  It also offers private browsing, password management, text wrap feature and has an efficient download manager with increased speed and some other features in the file management area.

6. Firefox Focus

A Privacy prioritising browser, Firefox is for those users who want a stern control over their online data. It aims to keep your privacy at top priority and it is everything that UC Browser was not. It makes sure that your user data isn’t going anywhere, not even to the Mozilla Corporation.

Run by non-profit Mozilla Foundation, it was one of the first web browsers to block third party cookies and that too by default. It has also enabled encrypted DNS over HTTPS to protect the user’s privacy online. It is equipped with a custom tab, night mode, stealth mode, etc. On the iPhone, you have the option to unlock Firefox through the use of biometrics. Replace your UC Browser with this solid one as it is a complete package.

7. DuckDuckGo

One of the popular browsers for a privacy friendly interface, DuckDuckGo also offers a web browser for your smartphone devices. It has strict privacy controls and blocks all the hidden third-party apps and trackers. It also reveals the advertising network, i.e the tracker’s identity. DuckDuckGo makes your data safe from hackers and trackers by forcing websites to use an encrypted connection like HTTPS.

Another advantage is that it rates the websites by giving a Privacy Grade Rating to help you know how well protected are you on the website, making it the ultimate alternative to the unsafe UC Browser.

8. Brave Privacy Browser

Another alternative to UC Browser, Brave is based on the fundamentals of privacy, fast performance, and safety. Being appreciated all over, just like Firefox Focus, it blocks third-party trackers and that too by default. It also blocks any malicious and harmful scripts on any website, giving your smartphone better battery life. The cherry on the cake is that Brave Privacy Browser comes with the HTTPS Everywhere extension, helping you to switch from harmful websites to HTTPS.

It also has a private bookmark feature, built-in ad blocker, popup blocker. Brave also has a Rewards program that will pay you for viewing ads. It’s a great choice in place of UC Browser.

9. Jio Browser

An Indian Alternative, Jio Browser measures upto 6MB only and is also lightweight. With a straightforward and simple UI, it has an easy interface that makes it convenient to use without any over the top features. It has features like incognito mode, dark mode, support for regional languages. Jio Browser also comes with features like live cricket score updates, latest videos, and news and is quite similar to the UC Browser.

10. Bharat Browser

Another Indian browser in the list is Bharat Browser, developed by a Bengaluru based startup BlueSky Inventions. It has features like dedicated section for games and videos, news updates in nine Indian languages and so much more.

Summing up, this was our list of the top and best UC browser alternatives; that comes with privacy protection from invasive cookies and harmful trackers. All these browsers are not affiliated to any of the Government agencies in the world, and so your data remains in safe hands.

What do you think about these? Do you want to add on to the list? Let us know in the comment section.

What are the best alternatives for the UC browser?

The best alternatives for UC browser are Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Samsung Internet browser, Opera, etc.

Is UC browser a Chinese app?

Yes, UC browser is a Chinese application developed by Alibaba Group.

Which is better Chrome or UC browser?

Chrome is better because the UC browser becomes quite irritating with pop-up ads.