5 Best Racing Games For Low End PC [Top Picks]

Best Racing Games For Low End PC

You might be having a PC but having a high-end one means you are way too lucky (especially when you are a gamer). But does that mean the owner of a low-end PC is unfortunate? Definitely not. The disadvantage is that you will not be able to play high-end games, but low-end ones are your cup of tea. So here, in this article, the best racing games for low end PCs have been listed out, and they are as follows.

List Of Best Racing Games For Low End PC

Here are 5 best racing games for low end PC.

1. Street Legal Racing: Redline

Street Legal Racing Redline

Street Legal Racing: Redline is an open-world racing game where you can customize the car you want to use for a race. In this game, a player can assemble and disassemble all parts of cars. But the worst part is that gamers are not much in love when it comes to driving those customized cars.

It crashes like hell. Street Legal Racing: Redline is more suitable for casual gamers. With its latest update, this game has got 16 cars, 17 new maps of great quality, 7 new game modes, etc.

2. Live For Speed

Live For Speed

Live for Speed is an online racing game, where all a player has to do is drive. This game allows you to play alone (having a timer set at that moment) or in multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode, you can look for players online or play with AI-powered cars.

It is one of the best racing games for low end PCs that gives you a realistic experience of real racing throughout the game. This game is developed by four people that have been constantly updating their terms so that the gamers can have epic experiences while playing this online racing game.

3. Simraceway


Simraceway is also an online racing game that is available for free and has exceptional graphics. You can even host a live event for a multiplayer racing game. Moreover, if you want a thrilling game with awesome speed, then Simraceway is the best game for you.

This game looks realistic and has varieties of trucks and cars. Simraceway runs great on a low end PC and can also be termed as one of the best Racing Games for low end PCs for the fabulous experience it provides.

4. Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Another one on the list is Need For Speed: Most Wanted. This game has three modes of racing – Sprint Race, Ambush Race, and Circuit Race. In this game, the police force would be enthusiastic enough to be running after you and getting hold of you. Whereas, you will have to save yourself from getting caught by hiding yourself in various spots. In short, you are expected to rescue yourself from your rivals.

5. Dolphinity Racer

Dolphinity Racer

Dolphinity Racer is an online racing game that is not much loved by its users. It supports only 2 cars, 1 truck (which is never desirable by a gamer) and you may have the worst graphical experience too. This game also has single-player and multiplayer modes, but the content of it would disappoint you.

If your PC really lags a lot, this game can work out for you, since it does not require high graphics settings to run. If you only love playing racing games, you can always download it as the game it is available for free.


The games mentioned above are the best Racing Games for low end PC. If you have any queries regarding this article or have any game in your mind that will be best for low end PCs, please suggest us in the comment section.

Which is the best racing game for low end PC?

Need For Speed: Most Wanted is the best racing game for a low end PC.

What is low end PC?

Low end PC are the PC that have low system specifications such as low processing power, low RAM, low storage space, etc.

Which Android emulator is best for low-end PC?

BlueStacks 4 is the best Android emulator for low-end PC.

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