8 Best SHEIN Alternatives For Android And iOS [Top Picks]

Best SHEIN Alternatives For Android And iOS

List of Best SHEIN Alternatives For Android And iOS

If you are a shopaholic, you always try to find out something different for your wardrobe. SHEIN was the most appropriate website for collecting new collection at cheap prices. Unfortunately, Shein is also among those 59 Chinese apps that has been banned in India recently.

But, you are aware of the fact that the Chinese apps are always into controversies and this time the step has been taken by the government. As responsible citizens, we have to follow these rules strictly. And this article will help you to solve your problems. Yes, you have many more options which are the best SHEIN alternatives that you should know to fulfill your collection.

List of Best SHEIN Alternatives


ROMWE also established in 2008 like SHEIN. And you know how much Shein was always concerned with women’s clothes. Romwe fulfill all your desires. It updates 200 new collection every day with all the going trends. It provides you offers up to 95%. The best thing is that you can return the item within 60 days, if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase.

According to my opinion, Shein never gave that facility and here you get a bonus. Romwe is full of amazing designs whether you talk about tops, bottoms, accessories, even you can get shoes of your own style. This app provides you with all the Shein dresses at cheap prices.


One of the best SHEIN alternatives that you can come across is KOOVS. In 2010, it came into consideration but in 2012 its perception changed towards fashion. And when it comes to wearing something western then it’s the first app that you can go through. Koovs is not only for women but also for men with all the trendy assortment. It is termed that Koovs is one of the e-commerce promising platform. Soon, Koovs is going to enhance its store with more trendy collections with collaboration.


When you come across young women and girls’ fashion then Make me chic is one of the best Shein alternative apps. With exciting offers and with new trendy fashion, it offers you the best quality dresses at your pocket-friendly budget. This app will help you with all the accessories that you are looking for, and make your wardrobe much more interesting.


If you are very much involved with fashion and you love to try new clothes with trendy styles then Urbanog is the best Shein alternative. It is full of fashionable dresses with different designs and prints. Urbanog satisfies your desire of getting to wear something new. And a trial to use this app will not harm you with anything.

H & M

Don’t ignore this because I am sure that you might be aware of this app because it is next to Shein. It has the latest collection that you can carry on from accessories to tops, tops to bottoms, bottoms to shoes like whatever you need. and also suggests the nearby store to purchase the item. It protects all your information unlike Shein, and you can also add that it has a return policy too.


Yes, the app that is already on your mobile phone because it’s a competitor of Shein. You have many options there like from traditional to western, formal to informal, and whatnot. Like a store that you can visit anytime and can choose your outfit. Coupons, return policy, good collection, etc. it is much more than we need. You can share your outfits with your friends to get good suggestions and choose any color. It has amazing customer service and will never let you down.


If you are looking for comfy, trendy, classy outfits then do make sure that you must never forget to visit Dynamite. It is one of the best SHEIN alternatives for you. If you are into crisp linen, faux real, workwear, twinset then you can get your latest style from this app. You can get 50% and 30% offer on any pants and top respectively. It also tries different styles of clothes to match the trendy fashion.


It wouldn’t be any more amazing if the app asks you what type of dress do you need. So, 20 Dresses are one of those apps who acts as a designer for you. They also come with some examples that you might like and can look forward. It is also available with all the outfits from top to bottom that you will love on this platform.

What stores are like Shein?

The stores like Shein are Amazon, Zaful, Boohoo, Romwe, Dresslily, Berrylook, etc.

Is Shein a Chinese company?

Yes, Shein is a Chinese company based on online shopping.

Where can I buy clothes like Shein in India?

You can buy clothes like Shein in India from LBB, Ajio, Koovs, Myntra, Periwinkle, etc.