7 Best Sound Equalizer For Windows 10/11 [Top Picks]

Best Sound Equalizer For Windows

Are you a music lover? Do you enjoy mixing different music? Or, do you just want a professional sound equalizer for Windows 10/11? Whatever it is, in-build audio software may not provide the best results. But do not worry! Here, we came with a list that helps you to get the best sound equalizer for Windows.

Let’s take a look.

List Of Best Sound Equalizer For Windows

The sound equalizers mentioned below are the best sound equalizer for Windows.

1. Realtek Audio Manager

Realtek Audio Manager

Realtek audio equalizer is quite known and simple in use. You may think why this is cited here. Well, then you are not aware of its features.

Realtek HD Audio Manager packs with audio drivers like DTS, Dolby, and Surround sound support. The reason it is loved by many is the simplicity it has. You can tweak the sound quality without any hassle and its in-built drivers let you choose the audio configuration based on the speaker. Similarly, you can adjust the volume for each speaker by accessing the Room Correction tab.

It also has an auto-detection feature for headphones/microphones/speakers. Other features that make it effective include Sound Manager, Audio Devices, System Sound Events, Windows Media Player, Volume Control, and Sound Recorder.


2. Equalizer APO

Equalizer APO

Equalizer APO is one of the advanced audio managers and open-source software. It supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Further, it is lightweight and is enriched with features. Equalizer APO supports 3D sounds and comes with multiple filters. You can also customize the audio manager as it offers compatibility with different channels.

It comes with a fast response time and requires low CPU usage. You can create a different profile for each external device you add (headphones etc.) and can switch among the profiles smoothly.

However, the graphical user interface may look a bit complex because to edit filters you need to work in TXT format.


3. Equalizer Pro

Equalizer Pro

Loved by many, it is considered the best music equalizer. With its 10-band equalizer, this software lets you have more control over pitch and tone. Equalizer Pro also features bass boosting that amplifies low frequencies sound and results in clean and smooth audio. It also comes with preamp volume control.

If you are looking for readymade presets then this can be your best choice. Equalizer Pro offers over 20 unique presets. Also, it lets you create a new one and save them as well. Compared to Equalizer APO it is more user-friendly and offers clutter-free sound.


4. FXSound


FXSound is an excellent tool for audio management. It offers a variety of features and keeps itself updated based on users’ feedback.

FXSound offers multi-band graphics EQ with which you can control the sound only by adjusting the band frequency up and down. However, after its latest update, you can adjust the center frequency of the band as well.

Further, with better sound quality, it also offers attractive visualization. You can also use shortcut keys to access key features such as, to launch the FX Sound; you can use Ctrl+Shift+U. Other shortcut keys details are available in its settings section.

Additionally, FXSound also offers professionally designed presets and even lets you create one for your own. Nonetheless, if you want to access its rich features you need to buy its premium version costs $1.25/month.


5. Equalizer for Chrome Browser

Equalizer For Chrome Browser

Unlike others, it is a web-based software which means you no need to download the .exe file to run it on the system. It is specifically made for Chrome and accessible on all the devices that has Chrome browser.

Note that, this equalizer executes only when audio is played on the web such as YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, or any other audio or video content. Make sure while using this, your PC is connected to the internet because it cannot work offline.

Nonetheless, these days most users prefer listening to music online and even take online courses. Thus, using an equalizer from Chrome can enhance the sound quality over the internet.


6. Voicemeeter Banana

Voicemeeter Banana

Voicemeeter Banana is an audio mixing player that lets you adjust the audio in output as well as input devices such as USB mics, audio cards, Game sound, Video Players, and more.

If you are a YouTuber who has just started the podcast for your online courses, you should consider using it. Voicemeeter Banana allows you to control your computer audio for smooth transaction of sound.

Further, it eliminates the extra noise, makes your voice crisp and audible over internet voice or video calls. Thus, it gives you the best result for events like webinars or family calls over ZOOM or Skype. If you want, you can donate any amount for the software otherwise it’s free to use.

Lastly, Voicemeeter also comes in two other options; Voicemeeter Standard and Voicemeeter Potato.


7. Viper4Windows


Viper4Windows is a freeware software that offers all the features you can imagine. It is also supportable on Windows 7, 8, 8.1,10, and even Vistas.

Viper4Windows features a customized audio configuration and allows you to configure drivers as per the external audio devices such as headphones or speakers. Other features include are IRS Power controller, ViPER XBass parameter, ViPER XClarity, and more.



We hope you find the most suitable equalizer for your computer that accompanies you in fulfilling your purpose. You can also tell us which one you find the best sound equalizer for Windows.

Which is the best equalizer for Windows?

Equalizer APO is the best equalizer for Windows.

Is there an equalizer on Windows 10?

No, there is no equalizer on Windows 10.

Which is the best sound enhancer for Windows 10?

FxSound Enhancer is the best sound enhancer for Windows 10.

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