11 Best WeTransfer Alternatives For Android And iOS

Best WeTransfer Alternatives

Here’s the list of best WeTransfer alternatives

When we talk about file and data transfers, WeTransfer was the first choice for many users. However, after the recent allegation by the Department of Telecommunication in India, the App has been banned for violating the data and user privacy policy and is a threat to national security.

If you were an avid WeTransfer user then now more than ever, you might be looking for an alternative in the market. If this is your cue, there is some good news for you as we have come up with the best WeTransfer alternatives you can consider right away. So, without any further delay, let’s jump into our best picks.

List of Best WeTransfer Alternatives

1. Google Drive

Talking about the best WeTransfer Alternatives, Google Drive tops the list. The App is one of the best file transferring and sharing platform and has been making work easier for its users. With more than billions of downloads on both iOS & Android platforms, Google Drive is the first choice for many and is a much better alternative for all the users out there. First things first, powered by Google, the security factor of this App is very high. Users can be sure of a safe transfer of files and data as it supports the end to end encryption. Not even Google servers are allowed to have access to your data.

With the help of your email addresses, you are preventing any possible malicious interference by any third- party applications. The highlight feature of Google drive allows users to share links of a specific document to a specific person. This link can be generated and shared by you to your desired audience.

Furthermore, you can control the settings as to who can modify the content by setting the mode to either View, Edit, or Comment. In the free version, you get a 15GB storage with your Gmail account, which is commendable for starters. By any chance, you exceed this limit, Drive allows you to purchase an unlimited plan for a minimal price. This is our personal favourite and we highly recommend you to get your hands-on Google Drive right away.

Download Google Drive for Android and iOS

2. Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is pretty much a brother to Google Drive in terms of what it offers to its users, but the only standing difference is, it is developed by Microsoft. With OneDrive, users can send, share, and receive a larger file over the cloud storage provided, mostly through their Microsoft accounts. For starters, OneDrive allows users to upload files up to 5gb which is pretty much what we need, and way larger than WeTransfer.

OneDrive allows users to send files to your particular receiver through your email address. OneDrive parades an extra layer of security in its file transferring systems by allowing users to add passwords to their documents. This makes Microsoft OneDrive better and the best WeTransfer alternative for everyone searching for one.

Adding to its capabilities, users can also add a particular date of expiration to its documents, which means, a post that stipulated date, the receiver will not be able to access your shared data. According to the developers, OneDrive gives its users an industry level security which is very similar to WeTransfer.

During sharing files, the files follow a path through the servers which are encrypted with the help of Transport Layer Protocol. Each file in transit is assigned a unique key which helps is acting as an extra layer of encrypted protection. These keys are stored in the Azure Vault. All in all, OneDrive is a great jump to make.

Download Microsoft OneDrive for Android & iOS

3. Dropbox

Just like Google Drive & OneDrive, Dropbox is also a cloud storage service that has recently paved its way to transfer files through the web portal. With Dropbox, users can send files with size up to 100 MB which is pretty less and quite distant from WeTransfer’s sharing limit. This App works well for transferring and sharing files that are on the smaller size.

Additionally, users can also have a count on the number of times their file has been viewed by the receiver and also get a notification after your file has been downloaded by the receiver. In order to send a file, users will need to create an account on Dropbox. The good news is, the receivers can access the files without logging in.

Dropbox allows users to get access to free 2GB data once you create an account with them. With this, you can get 2GB of cloud storage and share data upto the upgraded limit. Users can upload their files in this cloud storage and also send it to anyone they wish to.

The service is very secure as it offers the sharing of data only through a designated email address, which means that only specific people who have been granted access to your files can download or access them. So, if you are looking for a limited storage option and 100MB suffices your needs then surely, Dropbox is the best WeTransfer alternative for you.

Download Dropbox for Android & iOS

4. iCloud Drive

Shoutout to all the iOS users who are looking for a change, iCloud is the best WeTransfer alternative for you. The best solution for syncing your device text and documents is what you will get from this App. This cloud storage facility allows users to save and upload all the work on their cloud storage and you can access it, anytime and anywhere.

There are many Apps such as iA Writer & Pages that support iCloud and allows users to save their work instantly. All your changes have been saved and sent TO THE Apple server. However, in terms of security, Apple takes its privacy policy very seriously and hence, there is no compromise and security breach in your data transfers.

Being inbuilt, the App auto-updates itself and you are always working with the latest version of the server. Furthermore, iCloud helps users to back up their personal data and modified settings so that it is easier for the user to have a seamless experience every time. Once connected to your wireless networks, iCloud takes care of the rest. Lastly, iCloud Drive offers users 5GB storage in the free version, and users who need to extend the storage can purchase an additional plan at a particular price which gives them access up to 2TB data.

 iCloud Drive is inbuilt for iOS.

5. Firefox Send

Two things that grew us fonder towards WeTransfer is its security feature and fast service provider. If you are someone who is looking for a data transfer system on similar grounds, then Firefox Sen is one of the best WeTransfer alternatives for you. Firefox Send is not only secured and guarded with end to end encryption but also uses a powerful AES GCM to encrypt its files.

So, you as a user can be sure, that your data and file transit is in safe hands. Talking about the file size you can expect to transfer, Firefox Send sports 2.5 GB size which is a bit more than that of WeTransfer. The best part is, all this is available free of cost and hence making it a great option to switch.

6. Smash

Flaunting a bunch of cool features for free, Smash becomes a promising move to consider. The best part which is worth the mention is that, unlike WeTransfer which offered only a limit of 2GB to its users, on the contrary Smash offers unlimited data transfer, which is exactly what we are looking for. The App handles a large amount of data transfers very well and addressing that doubt in your mind, yes it does not crash.

Larger files are given more priority when compared to smaller files. Additionally, Smash also offers protection of your data through passwords and also previews of your files.

Download Smash for Android

7. Filemail

If your compare Filemail with Smash, the only popping difference here is that unlike Smash, Filemail offers transfer of large data and files only through its paid plan options. If you decide to get your hands on the paid plan, then you will be able to get access to 100 GB of storage and will have access to received files and links for 30 days from its arrival.

The App is secure and does not allow any security breach. If any third-party application tries to intrude or break your account security, you will immediately be notified of the same. So, if this is feasible for you, then Filemail becomes one of the best WeTransfer alternatives you can look for.

Download Filemail for Android

8. Send Anywhere

Last but not the least, Send Anywhere is one of the best WeTransfer alternatives you can reflect upon. Not only does this App allow you to send both large and small files but also protects your documents by generating a 6-digit input key. To get access to sending links via emails, you will have to register and sign up for your account.

Download Send Anywhere for Android & iOS

9. Terashare

It is torrent based software adopting a different approach. Terashare is a software that is based on BitTorrent making it the right choice to share very large files, or even sharing files with numerous people, making it a little different alternative to WeTransfer than others.

Its working allows only sharing files which are very large (over 10GB) which can be shared only when the computer is switched on and is accessible to the people you’d like to share.

But, Terashare has a hybrid system, which means that the files that are under 10 GB can be stored on its servers and accessed regardless of the fact that your computer is on or off.

Smaller files or folders can also be shared through the Terashare website, but the app would have to be reinstalled for larger files. It is the ideal option to share video files.

10. Hightail

Another alternative to WeTransfer, High Tail lets you share files that are up to 100 MB in size in its free Lite account, which comes with a total storage capacity of 2GB. You can get additional storage by paying more.

The Pro Package, costing $12 (about £9, AU$17) per month, gives you an unlimited storage limit and an individual file limit upto 25GB. The files that you share via a free account are available just for 7 days.

It manages your stored files using ‘Spaces’, even though these can be shared easily with others, it also has a separate sharing feature.

Hightail’s sharing enables you to share your files using a drag and drop feature, consolidate and share the files from other cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, it is a great choice.

11. Tresorit

A cloud storage service provider, Tresorit focuses on enhanced security and is data encrypted for personal uses and businesses alike. You can keep control of your precious files through zero-knowledge encryption, which means broadly that only you get to decide who the data can be shared with. It offers 5 GB of storage in its free tier called ‘Basic’ and has a 14-day free trial as well.

This was our list. We hope this helps you as there is one alternative suitable for everyone. Would you like to add on to the list? Let us know in the comment section below.

What can I use instead of WeTransfer?

You can use Firefox Send, Smash, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Send Anywhere, etc instead of WeTransfer.

Is there a free version of WeTransfer?

Yes, there is a free version of WeTransfer that allows users to upload files of up to 2GB in size.

Which is better Dropbox or WeTransfer?

Dropbox is better, you can easily use it on the web via desktop. It has better reviews than WeTransfer.