10 Best Usenet Providers [Updated List For This Year]

Best Usenet Providers

Here in this article, we will talk about the best Usenet Providers that you should use. Internet and social media platforms have become very common nowadays. With text, discussion, and media sharing options, the online platforms have created their way to almost everyone’s daily life.

But if travel back to the time when Facebook and Instagram were not a thing and the Internet was not available to literally everyone, back at that time the online discussions were held in a different corner. And that’s where the Usenet comes within the scene. If you already know what Usenet is, then you are lucky. But if you don’t, read the article to get a clear idea about this.

What Is Usenet?

Usenet is basically a huge collection of discussion groups that are spread all over the world. These discussion groups are usually called Newsgroups. These groups are a platform to share data or information with other users. Here users can share text articles, images, videos, etc.

Usenet is basically like Reddit, but it focuses more on user privacy. Also, Usenet was available even before the Internet. So, it can easily be called ‘Internet before Internet’.

List Of Best Usenet Providers

Now that you have an almost clear idea about the Usenet, let us discuss the best Usenet providers to use these days. The prices of these providers might vary depending on the plans and the benefits. But to make it simple, we will discuss only those, which provide the best value in their subscription plans.

1. Eweka


Eweka provides all the possible features and facilities within an affordable plan for the users. It also comes with a retention period of 4784 days approx. Eweka makes sure that the older archives and activities don’t get deleted. It has retention spreads over the 130,000 newsgroups, which the users can easily access.

The Usenet users who download a lot of data are surely going to love its subscription plans. The reason is, the plans offer unlimited speed and unlimited downloads. And even if you get only 50 connections, these are actually more than enough for almost any Usenet user. Your downloads are protected by SSL encryption, so you don’t have to worry about safety.

Though Eweka requires a Newsreader, the company itself provides access to Newslazer newsreader to the users. With this, the users can easily search, preview or download data. Moreover, Eweka provides a 7-day free trial period without a data cap.

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2. Newshosting


Newshosting is probably the best Usenet provider among all. It comes with a way-too-long retention time of 4791 days, which eventually keeps increasing. This Usenet provider can store even 13 years old data, which means the users get to access a huge collection of data and information.

The retention period is containing over 110,000 uncensored Newsgroups to provide a wide variety to the users. Many users prefer to pair Usenet with VPN, that’s why Newshosting also comes with a Zero Log VPN service to use for maintaining privacy. You get a free newsreader as well to access various features like previews, downloads, easy-to-use file search, etc.

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3. UsenetServer


If you are looking for an affordable yet no-nonsense one among the best Usenet providers, choose this one. You get 4788 days of retention along with access to numerous articles archives. Also, it doesn’t restrict you to the data or download speeds. And you get this facility on all the paid plans.

UsenetServer provides access to 20 connections and there isn’t any newsreader provided with the plans. But this gets compensated with a detailed guide to set up other newsreaders. If you buy the annual plan, you get a zero-log VPN client. This provider is definitely a good option for beginners. You get 14 days of free trial to get a closer and clear idea of UsenetServer.

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4. GigaNews


For those who are looking for every other feature and don’t mind paying for it, Giganews can be an option for them. It comes with 14 days trial period and more than 18 years of text retention. Also, you get 110,000 newsgroups, a 100% completion rate and 100+ SSL bolstered connections spread over the servers in North America and Europe.

Your articles are accessible at any time as the provider promises 0% downtime. A massive array of security services and speed makes it more catchy to the users.

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5. EasyNews


This is another one of the best Usenet Providers. EasyNews lets you use the web browser on your device to browse through the Usenet. It also lets you preview and saves different articles. With EasyNews, you don’t need a Newsreader for every other service. Since EasyNews support all types of them, it is definitely a positive point for the users.

It offers 4788+ days of binary data retention which helps you to access a lot of information. And just like Newshosting, EasyNews is also growing. So, if you are subscribing to this, be sure that it’s going to increase over time.

All the paid plans come with a data limit of 150 GB and EasyNews makes up for this with its own web interface, which works smoothly and is just like a basic Usenet browser. You can definitely opt for EasyNews if you want to skip hassles and don’t care about the download limit.

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6. AstraWeb


One of the best Usenet Providers that too in the budget is AstraWeb. It has been on market since 1998 and has been admired by users. The retention period is of 4000 days and coupled with a 99% completion rate.

The retention period might be lesser than most of the providers, but the company makes it up with 50+ connections, SSL encryption, and unlimited speed.

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7. Usenet.Farm

Usenet Farm

For the regular users of Usenet, Usenet.Farm is a good option. It comes with 3000 days of retention. Though you don’t get the best retention rate, it provides you with a solid package of features. You get fast speed for downloading to access the articles quickly and easily. You don’t get an unlimited limit for downloads, but there is a monthly 6TB quota which is more than enough.

The most important feature of this provider is its dashboard. You get all the possible information that you might need at a glance. Also, you can check your insights and stats.

Its users will get 50 simultaneous connections with good SSL support. In fact, Usenet.Farm supports easy account sharing, which is even better. And the users don’t even need to put a password, just putting an email will do the job.

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8. Tweaknews


Another most admired Usenet provider is Tweaknews. This provider offers you multiple plans which offer various features. Some of them include unlimited speed and downloads for the extreme comfort of the users. It also provides 60+ connections and a zero-log VPN for free. The privacy policy is enhanced and the retention period is 3400 days.

The period might be lesser but it guarantees that your downloads won’t stall. You get a free Newsreader as well with good search and previews capabilities. It is pocket-friendly and a good option for beginners.

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9. Pure Usenet

Pure Usenet

For those who are looking for the best Usenet provider yet something affordable, this one is totally for them. The service plans start from a pretty low amount that anyone can afford. Also, the features you get, it’s a total charm. It provides access to affordable EU servers with no download limits and no speed limit. You also get state-of-the-art free SSL encryption to protect your data.

It has a retention rate of 4100 days, which is pretty fine compared to the price it is charging. You get only 12 connections though, but it is reasonably fine for most people. Also, during the 7 days trial period, Pure Usenet offers unlimited data to use.

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10. Newsleecher


This Usenet provider entered the market in 2002, and it has been reported to be a good one ever since. It comes with a text retention rate of 2850 days and a binary retention rate of 4150 days. The archived data also keeps on increasing. This means older files don’t get deleted with the addition of the new ones.

Users get 500Mbps fast speed along with SSL encryption. The service also includes the company’s own additions of SuperLeach, which is an automation feature to download content as soon as it gets uploaded on Usenet. The users are also provided with a SuperSearch index, which is one of the best in its category.

You get to choose from different plans after the 14 days free trial period.

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Final Words

Here the best Usenet Providers have been mentioned with a brief introduction. Hope it will help you to find yourself a good fit.

Is Usenet legal?

Yes, Usenet is totally legal.

Does Usenet still exist?

Yes, Usenet still exists.

Who invented Usenet?

Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis invented Usenet.