How To Block Snapchat On Router? [Complete Guide]

Block Snapchat On Router

Hey guys, Are you looking for a way to block Snapchat on your phone for good to curb your addictive habits? Or you are parents who are looking to limit the time your children are spending on Snapchat on a regular basis? Well, either way, today we’ll learn how to block Snapchat on router.

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If you want to block Snapchat, it won’t open even if you already have the app installed on your smartphone. This method is just that good. So, let’s get to some learning now.

Steps to block Snapchat on router

To block Snapchat on the router, you need to know that we’re blocking it on the wireless network through SecureSchool.

Basically, we’re adding the later discussed links to the router website blocklist.

So, Just follow the following steps carefully:

  • Go to “Website Filtering”.
  • Tap on “Website Access”.
  • Press on “Add a site”.
  • One by one, proceed to add the following given links and also complete the basic information it may ask alongside each link.



You can copy/paste the links one by one to avoid getting them wrong and getting frustrated if you type.

  • When you hit the final “submit”, you’ll be done. Restart it now.

And that’s it! You have successfully managed to block Snapchat on a router without much hassle.


In conclusion, we’d like to reiterate that while at first glance, seeing this many links may seem intimidating, it’s really not. It does, however, require some careful reading and equally careful implementation.

At the end of which, you won’t ever have to Googleblock Snapchat on router” again. Cool, right? We know!

Since it isn’t super easy at first, do comment to us if there’s any error or query on your part and on our part, we will try to get to it as soon as possible.

We will see you next time with another informative article. Goodbye!

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