Brave Search Beta Launched [Is It Better Than Google Search?]

Brave Search Beta

Brave browser has launched the Brave Search beta in response to increased privacy concerns. Moreover, in early March, Brave Search was announced after the company acquired Tailcat (an open-source search engine).

Recently in a blog post, Brave claims that 100,000 people have joined the beta version for preview access and testing. And they also stated that the browser currently has over 32 million monthly active users.

Brave Search can be used as a search engine in the Brave browser, or you can also go directly to the website from any other browser.

What’s New In The Brave Search Beta?

Brave Search has a simple and clean interface right out of the box. To access settings and metrics, you can tap on the ‘Hamburger menu‘ on the top-right side. The settings support for different languages is also available.

In the search option, one of the tabs indicates the independence of your results. It also maintains track of the overall results as well as their reliance on other sources.

So, if you obtain 90% independence, that indicates that 90% of the results come from the Brave search index, and 10% come from a mix of third-party sources like Google and Bing search. According to Brave, these results are fetched anonymously, so you won’t be tracked.

Brave Search Engine

Is it a better Search Engine than Google?

In this review of the Brave browser, we look at whether you should switch from Chrome to Brave or not. While we are talking about the browser, Brave Search is still in beta version and may not be as polished as Google Search.

Brave Search not only utilizes its index but also assures completely anonymous searches. This self-contained index also allows you to search the web privately.

Brave Search is a good choice for those who are concerned about their privacy. It’s because one of Brave Search’s selling points includes “no surveillance or profiling of users.” According to the official blog article, you will soon be able to choose between ad-free premium searches and ad-supported searches when using the search engine.

Despite Brave’s privacy features, Google still has a large user base and a well-developed interface based on years of expertise. DuckDuckGo and Brave Search Beta are also catching up but they are still a long way behind Google.


Nowadays, privacy is a big concern as big tech is being investigated for antitrust violations in numerous countries, prompting individuals to explore alternatives. If the Brave browser keeps its features up to the mark, Brave Search Beta can be the best alternative to Google Search.

So, will you choose Brave Search over Google? Tell us in the comment section below.

Is Brave a safe browser?

Yes, Brave is a safe, fast and secure browser.

Who developed Brave browser?

The Brave browser is developed by Brave Software, Inc.

Which is better Brave or DuckDuckGo?

Brave is better as it focused more on users privacy.