Why Opera Browser Is Not Popular? [Detailed Info]

Why Opera Browser Is Not Popular

In our childhood days, we have always heard about the Opera browser and have been keen on using that as well. But growing up, it seemed that the Opera browser is not popular as it was. The Opera browser had many useful features that an average person was fond of using. It was even the most compatible browser amongst all and is also one of the best browsers for developers. Then why Opera browser is not popular now?

Reasons Why Opera Browser Is Not Popular

Well, coming to the reason now. Even though the Opera browser was useful enough, the launch of other browsers made its market go down immensely. This is because they probably had no strong marketing strategy as such, which might have led to its downfall. Opera Browser is an overall nice product to use, with VPN built-in too.

Most importantly, it could block ads too. But it does not offer a range of products just like Google Chrome does. It was fair enough to be used in phones. But ever since it got an update, many great features were lost. And that is when the Opera browser lost its users and people shifted to using and liking Chrome more. Moreover, when Windows was launched, the Opera browser was not the default browser of the windows that used to be open up immediately.

It crashed unnecessarily for users and they were disappointed with such bugs. And never was the market share of the Opera browser was too high to be noticed. Only a decent number of dedicated and loyal users kept on using it.

Opera browser has continuously been updating its features and many more developments to come in the near future as well. But, brand positioning matters a lot too. Opera browser does not have such a brand positioning that Google Chrome and Internet Explorer have in reality. The Opera browser was never the default browser of any operating system, so this is a legit reason why Opera browser is not popular.


Google Chrome is better known for its speed, Firefox is totally customizable, whereas Opera tried its best to advertise the speed they offered and the kind of security the browser could provide. But after all this, you all know now why Opera browser is not popular.

Is Opera safer than Chrome?

Chrome is more safer and secure than Opera.

Is Opera browser still popular?

Opera browser is not that much popular like it used to be.

Is Opera better than Chrome?

Chrome is better than Opera because it provides regular updates.

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