Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile Announced; Will Arrive In 2023

Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile

All the COD fans are waiting for the 2.0 version of Warzone and with this, the Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is coming next year. This battle royale has been a major hit on big platforms, but now you can play it on handheld devices. The latest event by Activision for COD announced that the game will be coming to iOS and Android next year. The whole gameplay has been modified to suit the mobile settings. Let’s talk more below.

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Brings Back Verdansk Map

While the 2.0 version of Warzone on console and desktop is all set to provide new huge maps and enhanced gameplay features, the old legendary maps and features are going to be available on mobile versions. These legendary places include the stadium, TV station, Prison, Verdansk, Downtown, etc.

Do you think people are going to just sit and watch while others try to beat the game? No, every single COD fan is going to try and play this game as soon as it launches. It will be a surprise if it doesn’t crash.

In the beginning, the game only allowed 150 players to join in a single crew. Due to the long waiting line in the queue, the player limit has been dropped to 120. The exact same thing has been applied to the mobile version. You will be part of 120 players who try to stay alive till the end.

Do you remember how you first played PUBG or Apex Mobile? You were winning your first match very easily. Not with this game. You will be put against real-time gamers so the whole gaming experience is a bit intense.

Gameplay Details

During the event, only a specific set of gameplay mechanics were relieved. But knowing the developers and what they have brought to the table in the past, we can assume some of the things they might give us. The game has been developed by various studios such as Activision, Digital Legends, Beenox, and Solid State Studios. The gameplay will be very similar to the PC and console versions. The players will be able to drive vehicles and can take contracts for money or buy supplies from stations.

Are you excited for this game? Many players will play this game and might even be the ones to kill you or get killed by you. Stay tuned for Call of Duty Warzone Mobile on Activision’s website.