How To Change Skype Video Background? [Guide]

Change Skype Video Background

Heard about Skype new update offering the feature of changing your video background? And now you are here in the search to know how to change Skype video background. So, let’s start and know how to use this feature.

Skype is a telecommunication app powered by Microsoft. The app is well known for providing its video conferencing and voice chat services between various devices like computers, mobile, tablets and smartwatches, and Xbox.

Skype is used by many big companies for long-distance communication and conference meetings. This app already supports many features like texting, messaging, and media file transfer.

But as we know Skype is now getting high competition from its alternative Zoom. Zoom is another video chat platform that gives services similar to Skype, but according to some reports, Zoom still has some security issues which may put Skype back to its top position.

But to maintain its position at the top Skype recently introduced some features in its latest version. And the custom background feature is one of them, this is going to be the most important and likable feature during this coronavirus pandemics.

Keep in mind that this feature is not available in the Microsoft store version of Skype. This latest version can be downloaded only from the official website of Skype.

Need To Change Skype Video Background

As the employees are now working from their home and completely relying on video conferencing but before meetings, they always had one more stressful thing to do “Cleaning their room” to prepare the environment for professional video conferencing.

And this custom wallpaper is now going to help you in this by changing your messy room with a professional-looking virtual background. So let’s dive right into the steps of how to change Skype video background.

Steps To Change Skype Video Background

If your room seems messy to you and then suddenly you have a video call from your boss, at this moment don’t get panic. Just follow these simple steps to hide your original background with an astonishing virtual background. The steps to change the Skype call is fairly straightforward and can be done in a few easy steps.

Steps To Change Skype Video Background For An Individual Call

  • First, open your Skype.
Open Skype
  • Now go to your contact and initiate a video call.
Skype Contacts
  • Once the call is connected, then just click on the Three dots given at the bottom right side of the video call window i.e right next to the message icon.
Three Dots in Skype call
  • Here, select the Choose Background Effect option.
Choose Background Effect
  • This will open a new window, then select the Add Image option.
Add Background Image in Skype
  • Now, simply choose the photo that you want to set as your skype video background.

If you want to set the virtual background ground for all the video calls, then just follow the below steps.

Steps To Change The Skype Video Virtual Background For All Calls

  • Launch your updated Skype.
  • Now click on three dots right next to your profile picture and select Settings.
Open Skype Settings
  • Navigate to Audio & Video settings, here you will see the blur and Add image option. Click on Add Image.
Skype Settings
  • This will open the file explorer window, now simply choose the photo that you want to set as a virtual background for your video calls.
Skype Audio & Video Settings

You can also use custom backgrounds offered by Walt Disney and HBO. These backgrounds will enhance the overall aesthetics of your video calling.

  • You can also use the blur option, in case you don’t want to put an image on your video background.

Final Words

So, these are the super simple steps to change skype video backgrounds. We hope this article helps you in figuring out the use of a new feature introduced by skype in its latest update. All the above-discussed steps are very easy to follow, but if you still face any problems in following them. Then feel free to drop a comment or you can also ask about your queries on our Facebook page. See you next time.

How do I change my Skype video background?

To change the Skype video background, open Skype, and Make a call, during a call, Hover on the video button and click on More. Then choose the Background effect.

Is it safe to use Skype?

Yes, it is safe to use skype as its voice, file transfers, video, and instant messages are encrypted.

Which is safer Skype or Zoom?

Skype is safer than Zoom because it supports end-to-end encryption where Zoom doesn’t.