How To Change Your Username On TikTok [Easy Guide]

Change Your Username On TikTok App

Have the wish to change your username on TikTok? You’ve certainly come to the right place.

Most of us made our TikTok accounts without much consideration to the usernames associated with them.

And most of the time, TikTok assigns a string of random numbers along with your name, like “user6184649263”, which you yourself can’t remember, let alone your prospective fans or followers.

Or maybe, you have had a taste of TikTok and now, you’re looking for a change and want to change your username on TikTok in hopes of a wider reach and more followers.

Well, don’t worry my young padawan! We’re here to guide you on how to change your username on TikTok by following an easy step-by-step process.

We shall discuss the same below:

Steps To Change Your Username On TikTok

Note to the readers before we begin – you can only change your username only once every 30 days, so, it’s better to be careful with regards to what username you want and actually typing it incorrectly, lest, you’ll be left wanting for another 30 days. Be careful and you’ll be alright!

Here are the steps for the same:

  • Open TikTok app.
TikTok Home Screen
  • Now go to Your profile and Tap on “Edit profile”.
Edit TikTok Profile
  • Press on your Username. This will be, obviously, different for different people.
TikTok Username
  • You can now enter your New username. Type in carefully, making sure that there is no error.
New TikTok Username
  • Click on “Save” on the top right-hand corner of the screen to save your new username.

Wooh! That was close! Ha!

Anyway, the new username will be thus be saved and now prospective fans or followers or even your family and friends will be able to find you very easily and effectively.

This may also help you in promoting your account.

In case, you wish to change your username on TikTok once again, all you have to do is wait for 30 days and then repeat the same steps again, and voila! Your new, new username is now in effect.


We hope that the article was useful to you and by following the step-by-step guide on how to change your username on TikTok, you were able to do so easily, quickly and without any issue cropping up.

But in the unlikely case that you’re still having an issue or confusion with any step, then don’t worry at all. You can proceed to simply comment below and we’ll try to get to the root of the problem as soon as possible and help you out like we always do!!!

With that note, we bid our farewell and we’ll see you next time!

Is there any version of TikTok for kids?

Yes, there is a version of TikTok for kids under the age of 13 in which they can create the videos but they don’t have any permission to post them.

Does TikTok notify you when your video is been recorded by someone else?

No, it won’t notify you if someone watching your videos and then recording it using a screen recorder.

Can you delete a TikTok account?

Yes, you can easily delete your account by simply going to the top right corner and then tap on Manage My Account and then tap on Delete Account.

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