How To View Private TikTok Account? [Simple Guide]

How To View Private TikTok Account

One of the most popular apps today, providing a platform to millions of people to showcase their talent, Tiktok has become every youth’s favorite app. It was one of the most downloaded apps on both the App Store and Play store last year. With increasing popularity day by day, people are using it, both to upload content and to view it. And like all social media apps, it also provides you a feature to make your account private.

With increasing concerns over cybersecurity, this feature comes in handy to protect your profile from the people you don’t wish to show your content. One can hide their content from anyone, be it nears and dears to a complete stranger. When a Tiktok account is private, the non-followers will be restricted from seeing your posts or likes.

How to know if a Tiktok Account is private?

Identifying a private Tiktok account is not something difficult and can be easily figured out as you won’t be able to see any posts or likes of that profile. Instead, a message ‘This account is private. Follow this account to see the videos and likes’ will appear on your screen.

An account that has no content will have the message ‘No content’ written on the screen and so can be easily differentiated from the private accounts.

Methods to View Private TikTok Account

In order to see the contents of a private account, one must follow it. Apart from this, in order to view a private account, one can follow certain indirect ways and thereby viewing the content that they post without them ever knowing.

Method 1: Follow them

The most logical way is to follow your desired account and officially take the permission to view the contents of that account. Following a private Tiktok account will be the most legitimate way. Once the owner of the account accepts your follow request, you can simply go to their profile and see what you want.

Method 2: Create another Account

Another way, which seems a bit non-sensible is to make another id and follow the account. This stage will come out of desperation on one’s behalf to view the concerned private Tiktok account. You can create another account with a random username and display picture, and you are good to go. But make sure your account doesn’t look fake. If they accept your request, Voila! You can see their profile.

Method 3: Find them on other Social media platforms

Most of the Tiktok users are available on other platforms, be it snapchat, instagram, facebook and youtube. You can try your luck on these platforms, since mostly all of them post same content everywhere. Try and search their username, and you find some lead on these social media platforms.

Method 4: Find their Fanclubs (FCs)

If the private Tiktok account you are trying to follow is a star or a celeb, then you can easily find fan clubs dedicated to them to watch their videos. These Fanclubs usually use the content from the celeb’s profile on their own pages as they may also be obsessed with the concerned user, as you seem to be. So if your levels of desperation are high, follow these accounts.

Method 5: Follow them with a Friend’s account

If you want to desperately view a private Tiktok account, you can take the help of your close friends and ask them to follow the account, but we highly condemn you doing this. But if you really are that much into that person, use your friend’s help to follow and view the content.

Don’t fall for scams!

Some sites give you claim that they can give you access to a private Tiktok account, don’t believe them. These are a sham and there is no way you can view a private account through any third party sites.

All these were the possible legitimate ways you can view any private TikTok accounts.

Even though we understand your obsession to view private TikTok account, it is recommended to straightforwardly take permission from the user of that particular account rather than trying to invade their privacy from other sources.