How To Check Someone’s Availability In Google Calendar?

Check Someone’s Availability In Google Calendar

Deadlines are coming close? Need to set up an urgent meeting? Need any help or discussion with any project? The thought of setting up a meeting crosses your mind in such situations for sure. You might want to ask that person “when you are free so I can set up a meeting at that time”. Well, you can check someone’s availability in Google calendar from your own device.

Sounds interesting right? If you have shared calendars you can check their availability in the Google calendar. The Calendar will also show suggested times for any meeting. Today, we will show how it’s done.

Steps To Check someone’s Availability In Google Calendar

Google Calendar lets anyone share their calendar with their friends or team members. It allows them to check the availability of that person to set up meetings or any reminder. To do it they need to grant permission of others to view the calendar and even grant some more specific permissions to let them schedule any event.

So, when someone shared their calendar with you. Follow these steps to go further in knowing how to check their availability.

On Web Version

  • Open your Google calendar from this link (From the email, your friend has shared their calendar on).
  • Now, begin entering the name or Gmail address of the person you want to set up the meeting with.
Enter The Gmail Address
  • As the calendar starts showing up that person, select him/her.

Now the person’s calendar is added to your calendar; and you can see it under My Calendars. You can check their availability with these steps at any event.

  • Click on Create on the top left corner to get started on the event.
Click On Create
  • Give the event any name of your liking and move ahead.
  • Now, you will have to select any date or time of your choice.
Enter The Date And Time
  • Once you are done with the time you will have some more options at the bottom. There, you will be treated with the Guests option. Add Guests to it.
  • Select one or multiple persons you want in the event as guests.
  • Now the crucial part comes in. You need to know whether the person is available at your selected time or not. You will be seeing a “Find a time” option there. Click on it.
Click On Find A Time
  • As you click on it, you will be seeing multiple suggested options of all available times when you both can attend the event. This means that person and you both will be available at those suggested times. Just click on any of the suggested times.
  • Now, click on Save at the top to save it.
Click On Save

On Mobile Application

These all steps are applicable on the web version of the Google calendar. If you want to know the same for the mobile application, follow these steps.

  • Open the Google Calendar application on your mobile phone (iOS/Android).
  • Click on the “+” icon which is present at the bottom-right corner.
Tap On Plus Icon
  • After that, select Event.
Tap On Event
  • Enter the title of the event and select the date and time.
  • Click on “Add People“, search for the person you want to add.
Tap On Add People
  • Now, tap on Done.
  • You will be back at the event details screen. There, now you will be seeing a “View Schedules” option in the guest section. Click on it.
Tap On View Schedules
  • Now, you will see if the person is available at the selected time or not with colour responses on the event. If the person isn’t available at that time the event will be showing in brown colour (If brown is the calendar colour of your guest). Your availability is green. So, you need to set up a time where the event isn’t brown and you both are available at that time.
  • Once you see no brown colour there. Click on Save.


So now you know how to check someone’s availability in Google Calendar on any event using shared calendars. Happy meetings!

How do I make my team Calendar private?

To make team calendar private, select None or team members from the drop down arrow of meeting’s privacy settings.

Is there a calendar in Microsoft Teams?

Yes, there is a calendar in Microsoft Teams. Members of a group can add events or meetings to this calendar.

Is Microsoft Teams free?

Yes, Microsoft Teams have a free version.