How To Clear TikTok Cache On iPhone/Android? [Guide]

Clear TikTok Cache On iPhone Android

TikTok is one of the most downloaded apps which is famous for social networking, and the most prominent question asked is how to clear TikTok cache on iPhone and Android so that free space can be created on the phone.

TikTok app is used by users across the globe and is the most popular social network app in Asia; with around 150 million users from China. Due to its popularity, TikTok needs to update and implement new features on a regular basis. The new users might get confused every time a new update is implemented as there will be many changes in the features; hence it is advised to follow a quick guide.

Clear TikTok cache on iPhone/Android

Being one of the most popular apps being downloaded across the globe and new changes being updated on a regular basis; so creating free space in the phone by clearing the cache of TikTok is quite a good approach.

Let’s understand first, What is Cache?

When a video is downloaded through the app and is transferred to a different folder on the phone; the operating space of the app is consumed. In short TikTok stores all the data in the cache. Due to this, you cannot download unlimited videos as each download will consume the space of the phone. In order to download more videos, you need to clear the cache and need to create extra space. If not cleared at regular intervals, it might take storage place in gigabytes.

There are many features available in TikTok; but the feature of clearing cache is the most useful and needed feature in a phone. The more frequently you clear the cache more videos you will be able to download.

Steps to clear TikTok cache on iPhone/Android

  • First, open the TikTok app on your phone and tap to your profile section “Me” present on the bottom right corner.
  • Go to the “Settings” menu which will be available on the top right-hand side corner and will be indicated by the three dots “…”.
TikTok 3 Dots
  • Once the setting menu is opened, scroll down, you will be able to see the “Storage” option.
TikTok Storage
  • It will show you space that is being consumed by the cache, press on the option; and it will clear the cache and free the space allowing you to download new videos and will also help you in fixing the bug that you are facing.
TikTok Clear Cache

I hope this article guided you properly to clear TikTok cache on iPhone and Android. Follow the above steps to clear the space in your phone and enjoy using this fun-based app as per your heart content.