How Does Snap Map Work? [Step-By-Step Guide]

How Does Snap Map Work

The Snap Map is the latest update of the Snapchat app; let’s understand how does Snap Map work? This feature allows you to share your current location and also allows you to know where your Snapchat contacts are. This feature is made available to all the users of Snapchat around the world.

Let’s learn how does Snap Map Work

The Snap map feature of the app uses phone technology to find out where its users are and indicate them on the Map on a real-time basis. The user can browse through the Map and can know where his or her friends are right now and can also view stories of the other Snapchat users. The individual can click on the avatars of other users and see the photos and stories that the other users have shared.

Snap map is an opt-in function, meaning a user can choose whether or not they are comfortable in sharing their location. When the user activates the Snap Map for the first time; the user gets a prompt to choose their location setting for the Map.

Location settings can be changed at any stage using the setting functions.

  • Only me Mode: The user location won’t be visible to any of the other Snapchat users on the Map; but the user will be able to see other users’ locations.
  • My Friends Mode: The location will be visible to both the existing and new friends you make.
  • Select Friends Mode: In this specific mode, the user has the option to share his or her location with specific friends and be a ghost to other users. The friends whom the user chooses will not be notified, but they will be able to see the location of the user on the Map.
Snapchat - See My Location
Snapchat - Ghost Mode

The location of the user will be only updated when the user uses the Snapchat app.

Regardless of what option the user chooses, the user can get their Snapchat story featured on Snap Map by using the Our Story Function; which will be visible to everybody. But your profile information will not be visible when the story appears on the Snap Map.

Even though the Snap map is an appealing feature showing you the real-time location, there are some things that should be considered when using the feature:

  • When considering my friend mode, ensure you have reviewed the friend list before choosing them; and don’t choose the friends you don’t know in real life.
  • Consider whether you really want to share your location as this service will give them a clear picture of where you regularly visit.

I hope this article gives you a little insight into how does Snap Map work; and also the pros and cons of the feature before you start using it.

How to update Snap Map?

To update Snap Map, it should be actively open. It doesn’t update in the background.

Does Ghost Mode show your last location?

No, Snapchat will not show your last location if Ghost Mode is turned on.

Can you turn off Snap Map?

Yes, you can turn off Snap Map by simply going to Settings, then tapping on Snapchat, then tap on Location, and tap on Never Share.

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