Amazon Is Killing Its First Game ‘Crucible’ Within 6 Months Of Launch


Some time ago one of the well-known e-commerce companies, Amazon surprised the gaming industry by announcing its game studio called Amazon Game Studios. But Amazon’s first game project, Crucible didn’t seem to be going smoothly.

Reason Why Crucible Failed

Crucible had the Action, Shooter, and MOBA genres. This game also came with the concept of various popular games such as LoL, Apex Legends, and Overwatch.

Even so, Crucible did not provide communication features such as chat or voice chat which are the most important elements in a Shooter and MOBA game.

In the game, gamers played with a team of four. This team’s aim was to secure various locations and defeat the existing monsters.

After killing and securing the location, you were given Essence which can be used to increase levels. Each level will give you freedom in accessing perks.

Crucible game was officially launched on a number of platforms but many players complained that the quality of the game was quite bad and also the content was very little so that it made the players feel bored quickly with the gameplay.

As a result, Amazon Game Studios was forced to withdraw the game back to the closed-beta stage. They had previously promised to make the game even better.

But recently Amazon Game Studios together with Relentless Studios through their official blog have announced that they have now stopped the development stage of Crucible and the game server will be closed on November 9.

In addition, the entire purchase system in the game will also be terminated and old players who have already spent money on the game can also request a refund.

Final Words

Of course, this is bad news for Amazon Game Studios. This is because their first game project crucible, which was believed to be a famous game had to just stop. Therefore, now they want to improve everything through their newest game, New World. We’ll see the progress!

By Vishal Negal

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