CutefishOS: A New Manjaro Community Spin That Looks Like macOS


CutefishOS is a new community spin by Manjaro that looks quite similar to the macOS. Manjaro is undoubtedly one of the most popular distros in the GNU/Linux world and it has few genuine reasons behind it. Firstly, it is based on Arch, yet it can be installed very easily. Secondly, it is a good option for beginners who want to experience and get used to Arch.

And last but not the least, it includes one of the best communities in the Linux space which will be helping you out if you get stuck. There are two main versions of Manjaro available, Official and Community. And in this article, we will be talking about the community version by Manjaro named ‘CutefishOS’.

CutefishOS: Desktop Environment

CutefishOS is based on Manjaro Linux and it is fueled by its in-house desktop environment. This desktop environment has its own name as well, which is CDE or Cutefish Desktop Environment.

Though the look and design of this desktop environment somewhat resemble the macOS. In fact, one of the apps on the CutefishOS named PulseAudio which is basically a sound control app has Apple Music’s logo on it. The only difference is that there is a gear sign has been embedded on the logo. Since the CutefishOS is still in the beta unstable state, it will be too early to judge it.

This OS has its own set of apps, which includes a Camera, Calculator, Files, Notes, etc. Though the CutefishOS is a kind of a mixture form of macOS, iPad OS, JingOS, or even CyberOS judging by the looks, design, and interface; we should stay patient right now because it is in the initial stage. That’s why everything is so unpolished and sketchy. And we should give it some time to shape itself and get further developments.

That’s all on the CutefishOS, the latest community version by Manjaro. Hope this article helps you to get enough information regarding this. Also, let’s see how this new OS turns out to be in the future.

Download CutefishOS