Poco X3 Pro Explodes Minutes After Charging; Poco Yet to Comment

Poco X3 Pro Explodes

An unbelievable incident has been reported recently. The Poco X3 Pro explodes soon after plugging out of the charger. It’s not been so long that the X3 Pro model got launched, and this accident took place.

Poco X3 Pro is one of the premium mid-ranged products of the company which was initially admired by the users. It comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 chipset and is claimed to have a flagship-level performance. Overall it is a good and pocket-friendly smartphone.

That’s why it received an overwhelmingly positive response when it was launched back in March 2021. But within just a few months, the Poco X3 Pro explodes and a great question has come up for the Mi brand.

Poco X3 Pro Explodes After It Gets Fully Charged

A report has been made against Poco and Mi on Twitter by Mr. Aman Bhardwaj. This person had purchased the Poco X3 Pro in the month of June and on September 4th, the phone has allegedly exploded after plugging out of the charger. It was almost two months of using the handset and then this accident occurred.

What actually happened is that the user disconnected the phone from the charger after seeing it gets fully charged. As per the report, the phone was supposedly placed on the bed and after catching fire the Poco X3 Pro explodes on the bed itself. Fortunately, no one got injured. It’s just the bed sheet that was ruined.

The owner has stated that he tried contacting the official customer care handle of Poco on Twitter. The company has responded to his tweet with some clarifications. The clarifications say that the smartphones go through multiple quality checks before getting launched. But due to the volatile nature of Lithium-ion batteries, it cannot be guaranteed when or which one will explode.

Judging by the pictures of the destroyed phone, it seems like the battery might have been swollen up and caught on fire.

If you are worried about these kinds of accidents like the way the Poco X3 Pro explodes, you might consider taking some precautions. Do not leave your smartphone connected to the charger on your bed, or where you sleep.

You can also check the thermal level of your device while it is on charging. If the device gets hot, disconnect the charger. Also, try to change the battery when you notice it got swollen.