Why Is Apple Called Apple? [Complete Information]

Why Is Apple Called Apple

The world’s most successful company has this weird, short, and funny name but have you ever guessed why so? Let’s introduce you to the reasons why is Apple called Apple.

Why Is It Called Apple?

Here are some of the reasons.

1. Apple Farm

The team was quite uncertain about the brand name as everyone was coming up with some of the other ideas. Most of the people agreed to name it Matrix Electronics when Steve jobs stepped in & call it Apple Computers because he just comes back from an apple farm. Everybody thought the name was quite funny for the company but Steve was stubborn and stuck to his decision.

He declared that he will name the company – Apple if nobody suggested any better name till 5’0 clock in the evening and as we know this company was hence named Apple Inc. However, It is strange for everyone to know that Steve’s favorite fruit was apple and some of the rumors even suggest that he used to work for an apple orchard in his early days.

2. The Strange Apple Logo

What’s there in a logo? What does it show? After all, who cares to have a look at the logo, right? However, in this world, Everybody loves to have this Apple logo or stickers on one of their gadgets.

This logo has been constantly changed few times over the years but it contains the same power and class.

The first logo of Steve Jobs’s company was of Newton sitting under an apple tree which we all know showcases the discovery of gravitational force.

Apple Logo Inspired By Newton

The second logo was a full-size bitten apple with clear and straight lines of Rainbow colors. It is the same colors that Newton had discovered in the rainbow that is ROYGBIV – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and violet. No doubt the logo has always something to do with Newton.

Colorful Apple Logo

The latest logo is in the silhouetted black and white which has no doubt taken over the market globally. No doubt, Steve Jobs’s company has been inspired by Sir Issac Newton and his works. The two strongest universal forces behind two of the great people – Steve Jobs and Newton was indeed an apple.

3. The Adam and Eve story

Most of the people say that the Apple name has been derived from the Adam and Eve story.

People suggest that the bitten apple showcases the apple to be from the garden of Eden. The bite of the fruit from the tree of knowledge is believed to take Adam and Eve to enlightenment if we relate this to today’s world. Computers are no less than knowledge trees if used properly.

Computers provide us every single thing that we need to know, about each and every subject that exists on this whole planet. From the simplest geography to the most complex quantum mechanics, we know everything through this computer.

Perhaps, Steve jobs had already seen the future and discovered Apple computers which are another way to enlighten the future generation.

4. Byte and Bite

No doubt, this topic has been discussed quite less and almost zero times on the internet but do you even know why Apple logo is half-eaten?

It is important to know why they have shown as if somebody has taken a bite out of it. This simple bite displays the byte. Yes, Byte.

As we know, Byte is a computer term. Let me tell you the exact definition of byte –

“Byte, the basic unit of information in computer storage and processing.”

So here, it does justice to both the byte of the computer and a bite of the apple because of this little bite; the logo looks like an apple, not a cherry. This big successful company is just made of the tiniest creation, innovation, and idea which defines why is Apple called Apple.

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