Cydia Sues Apple Alleging Its App Store Has A Monopoly

Cydia Sues Apple

iOS App Store Cydia claims that Apple practiced anti-competitive tricks that halted the Cydia. Cydia shut down its new purchase in 2018. The lawsuit states that “Apple forced its users to utilize the App Store and no other iOS application distribution service, to kill all the competition. Cydia sues Apple and its monopoly.

Cydia sues Apple – Here’s why?

The company is attempting jury trials and wants compensation for general financial damages. This lawsuit demands to open the market for iOS distribution. Those who wish to compete fairly with Apple allow them and recover the damages caused by Apple.

Jay Freeman (software developer) launched Cydia in 2007, even before the Apple store was established. After the Apple store launch, Cydia became a source to install applications, tweaks, and software, which was not allowed by Apple. According to the lawsuit, iPhones used to come with a handful of Apple applications, and users could not install third-party applications and software. Over time Apple made it difficult to install third-party applications and software.

Firstly, Cydia’s lawsuit stated that Apple has a monopoly over iOS distribution. Because of Apple’s monopoly, users can’t download software and applications using iOS distribution, a strategy to kill the competition.

Apple said that it would review the lawsuit and continue to discourage people from installing third-party applications due to security reasons. A study from antivirus company Norton reported that Apple’s robust control over the Apple store made iOS secure than another open-source Android. However, US Copyright says that iPhone jailbreaking is not illegal.

Cydia is a new company that claims that Apple has anti-competitive behaviour. In August, Epic Games alleges that Apple kicked off the Fortnite game because it introduces the direct payment system. Epic Games responded with a lawsuit against Apple, claiming that the iPhone maker has violated the antitrust law.

In September, multiple companies such as Epic, Spotify, Basecamp, Match Group, Tile, Deezer, and Blix have criticized Apple for its anti-competitive and monopoly behaviour. They said that Apple should give freedom to its users to make a choice.