How To Delete Zepeto Account On Phone? [Easy Guide]

Delete Zepeto Account On Phone

There is a new app known as Zepeto, in which you can create a 3D character based on how you look in a photo. The user can create the character as realistic based on oneself, but it is not necessary to have a character that looks exactly like the user. They can create a character based on their favorite celebrity faces. Sometimes, maybe due to some reason you want to delete Zepeto account on phone, so in this article, we gonna tell you how to do the same.

The user gets a lot of options to edit their virtual character, like changing the hairstyle, shoes, hats, glasses, decorative, and clothes. So that the user can make the character as real as possible. As the user uses this virtual avatar to follow other users on Zepeto and have interactions with them. So it’s good if the user is able to make their virtual character as attractive as possible.

Some of the users don’t find it worthy of investing their time in using this App, so they want to delete Zepeto account, which can be done by following the below steps.

Steps to delete Zepeto account on Phone

  • Open the Zepeto app on your phone, on the bottom right-hand side there will be your profile icon, tap on it.
Zepeto - My Profile
  • Now the screen will show up your profile, on the right-hand top corner, there will be a gear icon, tap on it.
Zepeto Settings
  • Now, screen will show up many options, tap on My Account option.
Zepeto - My Account
  • On the next screen, there will be an option to “Delete Account“, tap on it.
Zepeto - Delete Account
  • And now at the end, select the reason why you are deleting the account and tap on Next to delete your account.

By implementing the above steps, you will be able to delete Zepeto account on phone, along with which all that you had accomplished in the Zepeto world will be lost like the purchase you had made and the time invested in developing your character. Once the account is deleted, you can create the account only after three months.

How do I delete my Zepeto account?

To delete an account on Zepeto, open Zepeto, then tap on Profile, then tap on Settings, then tap on My Account and then, tap on Delete Account.

How do you block someone on Zepeto?

To block someone on Zepeto, Select the user you want to block and tap on their Zepeto character, and tap on the Block button and tap on Ok.

How do I reset my Zepeto password?

To reset the password on Zepeto, open Zepeto, then tap on Profile, then tap on Settings, then tap on My Account and then, tap on Change Password.

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