Does Apple Sell Your Data? [Complete Information]

Does Apple Sell Your Data

Apple has an image of being the most privacy-focused company that actually cares about your data, at least that’s what they show. Most of us don’t even know how much of this is true. So, we have covered all the info that gives you a brief idea about what Apple collects or does Apple sell your data or not? So, let’s find out.

On every keynote of Apple, Tim Cook talks about how Apple keeps your personal information private and secure. He stated that –

“We at Apple believe that privacy is a fundamental human right.”

They have launched several new products in these couple of years – A credit card, a news service, a fitness service, a premium TV channel service, and so on. They also talk about how much they prioritize the user’s privacy at Apple.

Does Apple Sell Your Data or not? – Let’s find out

Apple pitches itself as the best friend of privacy. So, you would be less worried about your daily transactions, what you do with Apple’s digital wallet or anything you would do on your iPhone. But the reality is a bit on the different side. Let’s first talk about what data Apple collects of you.

Does Apple collect your data? Yes

Apple actually collects your data and as much as just like any other tech giant. If we go through the list from email address to payment information or fitness & health information – Yes, Apple collects all of it. You may take aback by this surely, but Apple collects as much as data Google does.

Data Collected By Apple And Google

Apple collects data from all its services that you use on your iPhone and even the data of your iPhone. It uses a different business model than Facebook and Google which does some help to Apple to claim the facts what it talks about your data & privacy. Let us tell you about that.

Under the influence of Facebook and Google, your every like on any post on Instagram or anything you asked from Google targets which ads to show you. Apple’s approach is different from what Facebook and Google use. Apple says “They don’t gather your personal information to sell to advertisers or other organizations”. It shows that Apple is more respected towards protecting your data.

So, where does Apple use your data? Due to the privacy regulations, the privacy policies more transparent than ever now. Apple is on the good side of how it uses your data. Despite collecting the same amount of data as Google, Apple doesn’t show you targeted ads as much as Google or Facebook does. Apple shows you particular types of ads that are different from Google. Apple ads aren’t directly targeted at you like what Google and Facebook ads are.

Let me explain it better. Apple shows you ads only on very certain places like Apple Store, News app, and the stocks app. It shows what kind of taste you have in apps, games, news, or stocks. For example, if you reading this article on the Apple News app. Apple will understand that you are interested in tech so it will show you tech-related ads.

Now let’s take this example again but instead of reading it on the Apple News app suppose you reading it on Google News, then what Google does – Google shows you ads related to Apple because you are reading an article on Apple. Did you see the difference? Apple ads are still called targeted ads but it is more of a privacy-focused version of it.

It also backs it up more positively by mentioning in its privacy policies that it will only show you such kinds of ads when more than 5000 users find a similar interest like you on the app. Apple looks for patterns in its apps to show ads to a particular group that finds interest in a particular topic.

So, it’s clear now that it doesn’t target a single person but a similar group. You can also opt-out of personalized ads on the iPhone by navigating to the Settings app, under the Privacy section. You will easily find the option to opt-out under Apple Advertising at all the way bottom.

Although you can opt-out from personalized ads, Apple will still collect the data which it was getting from you. Google also offers the option to opt-out for the personalized ads but the same about collecting data is true for them. You can’t escape the fact that everything you do on your iPhone is being collected. You can only feel better about how they use your data. So, this was about what data Apple collects about us and how Apple uses it. Now let’s answer the raising question.

Does Apple Sell Your Data? No

Apple doesn’t sell your data neither Google does. Apple sells ads based on what we have just learned. It does it on a much smaller scale compared to Google. It is clear that Google makes money from its ad selling business and Apple makes money from its hardware. Apple and Google both don’t provide your information or any data about you to any third-party companies.

Advertisers can only pay Google or Apple to show ads based on what users do with their devices but whom to show the ad is unknown to the advertisers. Because both tech giants don’t provide those details to anyone outside their companies. You can feel a bit better with these statements that the Cupertino Giant keeps your data only to them.

If a company launches a product and wants to reach you, they pay Apple to show the ad of that product. Then what Apple does – it shows the product ad to a particular group of people who finds an interest in that type of product. Now you would be relaxed to know that Apple doesn’t sell your data. Apple target you with their potential ad with a more privacy-focused approach and keeps your data private with its respected image and claiming facts about your data & privacy.

Is Apple really better for privacy?

Yes, any product of Apple will provide you a better privacy features when as compared to others.

Is Apple safer than Google?

When it comes to comparing Apple with Google, Apple is more safer than Google.

Is Apple the most secure phone?

Yes, iPhones are more secure than Android in terms of privacy.