Best Internet Speed Test Apps [Updated List For This Year]

Best Internet Speed Test Apps

Here’s the list of best internet speed test apps for Android, PC, iPhone, and Mac.

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Right now, there are billions of internet users all over the world. In such a situation, don’t you ever think about how fast your Internet connection is among so many users all around? It does have a great impact and that is why it buffers when you are into watching a video or attending an online conference, or anything else. By now you know that knowing the speed of your Internet connectivity is equally important to do any online work carefully.

But the first thing that needs to be alright is the speed of your internet connection. To check the speed for various devices; there are numerous apps available so that you can get accurate results and get into doing stuff accordingly. Below, there are the names of numerous applications that will serve this purpose.

List Of Best Internet Speed Test Apps

Here’s the list of best internet speed test apps for Android, PC, iPhone, and Mac.

Best Internet Speed Test Apps for Android

When you are doing online work from your Android device, you can definitely look for Ookla, Speedmaster, and V-Speed Test to check the speed of your Internet Connection. There is nothing to be mentioned about Ookla since it has been one of the best internet speed test apps for Android. It can have a check on the download and the upload speed in some seconds and with some clicks.

The next best internet speed test application for Android would be Speedmaster as it can give you a detailed report on how well each application would be running at the present speed of Internet connectivity.

The last one being V-Speed, the best part of which is showing the time lag while data transfers.

Best Internet Speed Test App for Windows

The best internet speed test apps for PC are Ookla, Latency Optimizer, and SpeedTest. Ookla is the handiest tool that shows the reports simply and comprehensively for the user to understand. You can easily find out the download and upload speed from all the statistics that would be provided.

Then we have Latency Optimizer; which is the best tool for gamers as they need the best internet connectivity or else their game would lag. Other than providing information about download and upload speed, it also optimizes your PC by clearing RAM, cache files, etc. if needed.

Lastly, we have SpeedTest that simply shows the required data and is the best for the ones who aren’t so techy.

Best Internet Speed Test App for iPhone

The best Internet speed test apps for iPhone are Ookla and n-Perf. Ookla has easily gotten the whole market with its wide range of features and the ability to track the data of various devices. Apart from checking the download and upload speed; it provides some premium features that can only be accessed by the means of payment.

The next being n-perf, it has the capability to display the connectivity speed of streaming, browsing, binge-watching, and many more. It can also show the speed of the applications installed on the device without spending a single penny on it.

Best Internet Speed Test Apps for Mac

Even though there are many Internet speed test apps for Mac, Ookla still comes into the first place with its varied features and authentic results. For the techies, there are paid premium features too.

And for the non-techies, the best internet speed test app for Mac is – it simply provides you the download speed, doesn’t have any premium features, and is completely hassle-free.


Therefore, the above-mentioned ones are the best internet speed test applications for Android, PC, iPhone, and Mac. Some of the features have also been mentioned so that the users can understand which one would be the best suited for them. So, use and rate it on your own according to the results you would be getting from it.

Which internet speed test app is suitable for all platform?

Speedtest by Ookla application is suitable for all platform such as Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows.

Which Internet speed test is most accurate? is the most accurate when it comes to check internet speed.

How can I boost up my Internet speed?

To boost your internet speed, try repositioning the router or buy a new one.

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