Why Bluetooth Is Called Bluetooth? [Complete Information]

Why Bluetooth Is Called Bluetooth

We all are familiar with the technology ‘Bluetooth’ but have you ever wondered why Bluetooth is called Bluetooth? To your surprise, the name does not belong to the 80s or 90s but from the 10th century. Many of you must have guessed one thing from the name that it is about a tooth, which might be blue however, it’s just the climax. Today, we will reveal the suspense of the story.

Let us first gain the clarity of its existence since Bluetooth introduced wireless transmission between devices before Wi-Fi appeared.

What is Bluetooth?

It is a wireless technology that swaps data between mobile devices using radio frequency over a short-range, typically 10m meters (30feet). The range varies from place to place and devices to devices. However, it has a safe and secure technology that has the least chances to be hacked.

Special Interest group well known as SIG decided to develop a single short-range radio technology standard. In 1996, the companies like Intel, Ericsson, and Nokia were working on three different programs that are Business-RF, MC-Link, and Low Power RF respectively. Later, they joined and developed Bluetooth.

Why Bluetooth Is Called Bluetooth?

The idea of naming Bluetooth came into the picture when both Jim Kardach from Intel and Sven Mattisson from Ericsson were having a conversation about history. Mattisson mentioned a book named The Longships which he recently read. The story of Longships was about 951AD. The Danish King Harald Bluetooth Gormsson (940AD-986AD) was renounced for his achievements.

  • He unified Denmark and Norway in 958AD.
  • His dead tooth, which was blue and grey, got him the nickname ‘Blatand’ that translated to “Bluetooth” in English.

In 1997, fascinated Jim suggested Bluetooth as the temporary code name. As it was temporary, the founder waited for something new to occur in the marketing. They came with two choices RadioWire and PAN (Personal Area Network) but by the time they came with other names. Bluetooth had already placed its hold in the market. It became a synonym of short-range wireless transmission technology, and this is why Bluetooth is called Bluetooth.

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