How To Download Cloudflare DNS For Windows And Mac?

Download Cloudflare DNS Windows Mac

On the occasion of April 1, Cloudflare, an American company Cloudflare; whose goal is to “build a better Internet” launched its service It’s a free DNS service dedicated to the general public. The latter promises to speed up your Internet connection and keep it private. You can download Cloudflare DNS by following the steps mentioned below.

Confident in its service, the company has no hesitation in saying “this will be the fastest and most secure DNS service on the Internet.”

This DNS is presented as the fastest on the market with a response time of 14.8 milliseconds; which is 28% faster than that of OpenDNS (20.6 ms) or Google (34.7 ms).

How to Download Cloudflare DNS

There are certain system requirements to download it.

  • macOS  – 10.15 or higher and for 64 bit only
  • Windows 10 – 1909 or higher and for  64 bit only

To download Cloudflare DNS, here are the steps to follow:

Download On Windows or Mac

  • At first, you will need to download the client from Cloudflare.
  • After downloading the zip file, go to the downloads folder and search for Cloudflare zip file.
  • Now extract it using any extractor.
  • Follow the instructions of the installer.
  • Done! Now it will be installed in your windows pc or mac.

I have to say that if they comply with the promise of this new DNS, such as greater speed and privacy in Internet browsing compared to its two great competitors, Google and OpenDNS, Cloudflare will triumph.

Final Words

It should be noted that download Cloudflare DNS is a new service and we must see how it evolves and grows, as well as wait for the implementation of which they speak in Mozilla Firefox browsers.

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Does hide your IP?

No, it doesn’t hide your IP but it can encrypt your DNS queries.

Who is the CEO of CloudFlare?

Matthew Prince is the Co-Founder and CEO of CloudFare.

What is the best DNS for iPhone?

CloudFlare DNS: and is the best DNS for iPhone.