List Of Dynamic Island Supported Apps On iPhone 14 Pro

Dynamic Island Supported Apps

You will find Dynamic Island supported apps in this article. If you have seen the new Apple event you might have noticed that iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have changed their notch design. Now, they don’t even call it a notch, they call it Dynamic Island. This feature is going to give you a whole new feeling about the phone.

iPhone mobiles were becoming way too similar in design. But this display island feature has made things a bit easier for iPhone users. Dynamic Island is not just a design addition but also very useful and functional. Most of your daily apps are supported and work with this display to make your life easier. If you have loved this new feature and want to know which apps will be supported then keep reading below.

Dynamic Island Supported Apps

Yes, the feature itself is still not experienced on hand. But there are many features and applications that will work smoothly with the Dynamic Island feature. With the release, surely many more apps will start supporting this feature of iPhone 14. If your favorite app does not show up on the list then don’t be sad. The developers might be making a new update for this soon. But till then, let’s take a look at the current apps it supports.

1. Face ID

Now, whenever you are making online payments or just doing something that requires Face ID. The new facial recognition animations will appear on Dynamic Island. This will be good because the pill will act like a display and won’t just be a black patch on the phone.

2. Incoming Calls

When you get a phone call you will see the name of the person calling you with the option of rejecting or accepting the call. A good feature that will help you get less disturbed while gaming.

3. Charging

Your Dynamic Display will act as a battery display when you plug in your device for charging. You will be able to see how much your battery has been charged This is a great feature in iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max.

4. Accessories Alerts

On iPhone 14 series, whenever you connect Apple accessories, you get a popup of battery life and connectivity. Which kind of feels like a disturbance. But now, everything fits on the island itself. The battery life and paired status will be shown on the display. It will be small and won’t disturb you that much.

5. Silent Mode

Again, a small change but noteworthy enough. When you used to toggle your phone from regular mode to silent mode you would receive a notification. But now the alert comes on Dynamic Island, which is quite convenient.

6. AirDrop

While sharing files through AirDrop you were not able to see the progress of your shared file. But now, you get a notification on the display and after holding on to it, you will see the exact amount of files transferred. A long-awaited feature that finally made it through the iPhone.

7. AirPlay

For mirroring our iPhone screen, many of us use the feature called AirPlay. With the handy display notch coming this year, you will be able to hold and press on the AirPlay symbol to see which device you are connected to. Not only see but also control the mirroring process.

8. Focus Mode

While you use the focus mode, the Dynamic island will show some animations for a different focus. Don’t worry as the focus symbol won’t stay there for long. It will move out of the way after a couple of seconds. This will allow other activities to take place on the island.

9. Google Maps

It is expected that Google maps will also work with the display. But right now with the current updates, the application is not able to show any navigation. It only displays the icon. Hopefully, the company will soon work on this feature. Many iOS users have Google Maps on their phones due to the service.

10. Audio Recordings and Voice Memo

While recording audio, you can see the waveform on the display island with the elapsed time figure right beside it. On iPhone 14, you can just click on the island to open up the recording app. Or, just hold on the display island to get options such as stopping or viewing the recording, etc.

11. Hotspot

You will see a hotspot icon when you are sharing your data with other devices. When you are sharing your internet with someone, you can just click on the hotspot icon to get into the settings. From there you can turn off the hotspot or change/view your password. A simple yet useful feature of the iPhone 14 Series.

Dynamic Island Supported Apps Activities

1. Maps

All the navigation signals will be given to you by the island display. You will see distance, turns, time, etc.

2. Timer

When you set a countdown or timer, you always have to launch the timer app to see your reports. But now they will appear on the display island. You won’t have to toggle two apps back and forth to see your results. Also, if you long-hold the island, you will get some options that can help you stop or play the timer or even open the app directly from there.

3. Screen Recordings

Recording your screen will give you some options on the dynamic island. The countdown will be visible on the display along with a red dot that shows you are currently recording. Tapping this dot will give you some options which can help stop the recording.

Dynamic Island supported apps for Audiobook and Music

We all use many audio and music apps that make our lives easier. Sometimes the controls are not easy to handle but with the new iPhone 14 series, you will be able to live the dream. The cover art of an album you are listening to will be available on the Dynamic Island display. If you pair your iPhone to Apple TV or HomePod, you get tiny symbols of the apps.

Check out the list below to know which apps are supported for this display. (We did not go into details of each application because they all perform almost similarly.)

Dynamic Island supported apps for calling

Not just the inbuilt applications of the iPhone work with the island display but also some other popular apps. Some of the social media platforms even use Apple’s CallKit feature during calls. Obviously, developers are going to update their app according to the Dynamic Display.

Before we start with the list, remember we are not explaining every detail of the list. Most of the apps will perform the same.

  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Skype
  • Google Voice

Dynamic Island supported apps and games

1. Apollo for Reddit

Apollo is a third-party app on Reddit. It is free and can also be used to uplift the enjoyment of the dynamic display. You get five pixelated animals that sit on top of your island. Although, you will have to buy the app to get all the animals. You only get a dog and a cat in the free version. The priced version includes Axolotl, Fox, etc. If you want, you can unlock the application.

2. Hit the Island

It is a free-to-play game where you play ping pong with the dynamic island display. All you have to do is hit the island with your paddle to get rewards and points. As you progress through the game, it will get quicker and might even throw two balls at you. It will keep getting more difficult as the paddle starts to shrink.

Final Words

So, this was the list. Do you think the app you really use the whole day has a meaningful feature for the display? Or is it just a small feature that everyone is making hype for no good reason? Hopefully, it will be cool to use. Let us know your thoughts and possible suggestions in the comment section. Will you use Dynamic Island supported apps?