Sony Introduces New INZONE Gaming Headsets In India

INZONE Gaming Headsets

The company has released three variants of INZONE headsets that are meant for gaming. India is getting INZONE H7 and INZONE H9 which are completely wireless and INZONE H3 which is wired. All three models have a flip-up flexible boom microphone with a dedicated mute button feature which makes your communication easy while gaming. Let’s get to know more about these headsets.

Sony INZONE H3, H7, and H9 Specifications and Features

All three models have a 360 surround sound experience for life-like gaming with optimized acoustics. The advanced tech has made the headsets to support 2 stereo channels that give you 7.1 channel sound quality. If you want to enhance the Spatial audio, you can download an app called 360 spatial sound.

The top model of the series is the INZONE H9 which is the most expensive in the batch and supports noise cancellation with an ambient sound effect. There are multiple sound reduction microphones with dual noise sensor tech. This tech is also available on the Sony 1000X models.

The ability to activate noise cancellation is not available on INZONE H3 and H7. Both the H7 and H9 headsets had different structures for generating high-frequency sounds. But you will get a duct for optimizing bass and frequency on each model.

The H9 has a battery backup of 32 hours while H7 has a backup of 40 hours. Both of these headphones can be adjusted for better performance. You can quickly charge them and also you can use Tempest 3D Tech Audio. Just charge for 10 minutes to use the headphones for hours.


The price for INZONE H9 is Rs. 27,990 (you can get it for 21,990 on the offer). The H7 sits at Rs. 21,990 (you can get it for Rs. 15,990 on offer). And the last H3 is placed at Rs. 9,990. H3 doesn’t have any offers currently.